Creation Diary/ Music Composing Diary

In my blog I will describe the creating process of my new music projects!

  1. The first idea!

    The first idea!

    How to get an idea for a song? Thats a really good question! And there may be endless answers!
    I've tried different ways to get inspired, I ordered myself to dream a song, but next morning I could't remember my dream anymore!
    I listened to the sounds of my environment, but I've only got ear noises from them. I went deep into the Bavarian woods to listen to the masters of singing...and yeah! I got a really fine idea... but someone else had got the ...
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  2. I'm still creating music!

    Hi friends,

    there`s been a long time since my last post here, then I've been working on my "Do you fear Death?"-project... and shortly before I could finish it my PS3 crashed!... and then I got me a PS4 and I got me LBP3 and... I decided to cancel all my earlier projects and to start a new career in LBP3!

    All the time I've done my music, music has been the common thread through all my projects! I've met great musicians in the community and everybody had his own way ...

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