Creation Diary/ Music Composing Diary

In my blog I will describe the creating process of my new music projects!

  1. "Do you fear Death?" - the first ideas and the first attempts!

    When I planned to create my third music - level in September 2013 I wanted to create something new! And so I had the idea to create an underwater scenery with a ship wreck, corals, fishes, mussels, etc. and a gameplay in the way that the player has to explore this underwater scenery and search for the musicsequencers hidden in this scenery (f.e. openening some conches to activate the musicsequencer)! I started to create the wreck and the scenery and then... I played kevin-4244`s wonderful music ...

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  2. Creation Diary "Do you fear Death?"

    Hi friends,

    this is my first own blog and I thought to myself: why not use it as a creation diary for my new upcoming music-level with the name:
    "Do you fear death?"
    Could be that you know me more as a composer than as a level designer! And your right: I've composed about 70 songs so far and designed about 5 levels so far! I loved composing long before I started playing LBP2! My first activities here have been transcriptions of popular melodies to the musicsequencer ...
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