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  1. an RPG?

    I've noticed lately that there have been alot of levels on the cool pages that say [RPG], but then, when i play them, they end up being an RP... and i guess that technically, RPG means Role Playing Game, but still... so ANYWAYS, i wanted to make my own RPG, maybe like an action rpg, because my turn-based logic is terrible, and i wanted it to be top-down but have some like, action parts that use the FP cam, or just normally 2D, like a chase scene or something...idk? but the point is, i ...
  2. Having Trouble...

    Iv'e always thought LBP was an amazing game, but lately its been getting harder to make levels due to lack of inspiration. any suggestions on how to start planning a level or how to finish one? i really need help, thanks
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