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  1. mr_D22's Avatar
    These sound like pretty cool ideas, Can't wait to play them when LBP3 comes out!
  2. Apple2012's Avatar
    @xxMATEOxx: I hope I'm not wasting your time, but you should see my work on my blog on TBT. Even if you're not interested into Animal Crossing (I'm not even sure), I written a lot of interesting things on it. I'm rarely updating my blog now, but I update the StarFall Press (my blog on the other site) daily. You don't have to if you don't want to, but I blog there too. I even made a few references to LBP over there.
  3. xxMATEOSxx's Avatar
    Nice to see a quick blog post from you again. Have fun over at The Bell Tree and see you again when you return.
  4. CuriousSack's Avatar
    To answer your question: yep, I've missed you, but I also can understand that sometimes interests are changing and that currently TBT has more to offer for you than lbpc! I think that with LBP3 things will change again and I'm looking forward to see you here more offen again in November! I wish you a fine time and greetings to TBT, Jürgen
  5. sega42596's Avatar
    To an extent WW1 this can be traced back to the French Revolution
  6. Kato's Avatar
    Frozen was good, but it's way too over-hyped. Fans of Idina Menzel snowballed (No pun intended) the attention into a mob mentality. It was an enjoyable movie, yes. The songs were well written, yes. But I don't think it's the be-all end-all movie of time, space, and infinity.
  7. hyperdude95's Avatar
    Wow this is amazing! I knew about the anniversary but the info here is fantastic, thank for writing this!

  8. MediaMoleculeRocks's Avatar
    I'm kind of getting tired of LBP gaming, too. I've kind of switched over to PC gaming, mainly because it is free, I have no games for my PS3, and my sister is on it 24/7 with her disgustingly goth/emo/weird friends. If MM had just taken care of the game a little more, I would not have gotten bored of it. There's just no point in creating if it's boring. Good look with your new Wii U and I hope you enjoy it!
  9. Apple2012's Avatar
    Yeah, it's true that LBP has gone downhill, but the boredom really hit me hard. I'm glad that I have other things to do and not just LBP, but it's still a disappointment. I'm not leaving due to the conditions of the community. I am leaving because of my boredom and a few other things.
  10. MediaMoleculeRocks's Avatar
    I agree. I used to have fun making levels, but when I connected to the internet, I realised that there were better levels published, which kind of made me discouraged, not to mention that it was very hard to get plays and most people wouldn't even rate my levels after playing. The DLC and advertising situation, oh god. Almost everyone has DLC and I don't have any. (I have money, but in no way will I be able to buy a card or borrow my parents' credit cards.) It's kind of irritating when you see players with every single DLC but they don't make levels! Also, the advertising. Play my levels! You won't regret it! Play my emo costume room and you won't look like a noob! < It's very unfair, since the advertising people get thousands of plays on their photo rooms or costume giveaways, when I actually TRY and get zero plays. I wish I had my PS3 connected to the internet when MM was controlling the game.
  11. Apple2012's Avatar
    Yeah, but I don't believe in making multiple accounts, and I have a lot of other things to do.
  12. ARD's Avatar
    Using up your 20 level slots doesn't necessarily have to mean you can't publish any more levels - you can always create another PSN account. And to be honest if I was creating a huge 15-level game in LBP I'd probably want it to have its own planet. I must have created a good 20-something PSN accounts over the years

    And if you're worried about people not being able to find your game because it's on a different account, you could always publish the first level on your normal account as well and have it link to all the others, or something like that.
  13. Apple2012's Avatar
    Well I don't have a twitter account, and I'm not finished creating in LBP2 because of my failure to get team picked. I'm just eager to get LBPHub.
  14. MediaMoleculeRocks's Avatar
    Hey, it would never be too late to get an MM Pick! Go ahead and create a level! It doesn't really matter if it's team picked or not, is it? As long as it is good or you like it, that is all that matters. Not one of those costume levels or "changing rooms". An actual level. Believe me, I've tried to get a Team Pick before, but failed. I'm OK at logic, but I wish I could just have more creativity! Can't think of anything that hasn't been taken yet! Oh, never mind! Keep creating, if you want. You know, tweeting to Steven Isbell about your level usually works, but you'll have a hard time doing that if he isn't following you!
  15. biorogue's Avatar
    why would the blog entry get you into trouble? I think it's a great entry. Congrats on not having McDonald's for an entire year! That's freaking awesome right there. I have Micky D's maybe twice or thrice a year and that's about it.
    Hope your recovery is going well and that you can keep the weight off. I prescribe lots of walking.
    As far as Team Picks go, meh, It'd be nice to have that pin but I know I too will never have it. Heck, I can't even seem to finish any of my "serious" projects.
  16. ARD's Avatar
    Congrats on the McDonald's thing, I know I couldn't do it. I've probably had more McDonald's this year than any other since I stopped going all the time for the happy meal toys as a kid
  17. biorogue's Avatar
    You rock dude! Good for you for kicking McDonald's to the curb. I too love the Food Network. I love Guy's show Diner, Dives and Drive-ins. Can't watch that show when you're hungry though. Man, it will have you slobbering and drooling all over the place. I don't know about this new show though. It looks like it might be interesting, but not quite new. It's so close to Super Market Sweep it's almost like it's a remake of the old game show. Anyway, got to run.
  18. hyperdude95's Avatar
    Hey there! You are very welcome for the honorable mention in the spotlight, you're level was sweet!

    Also, kudos for staying away from McDonalds for a long period of time, I have been doing the same for every fast food place except for Subway.

  19. L-I-M-I's Avatar
    i wish i could promote this article on yahoo :P you have a great writing style
  20. L-I-M-I's Avatar
    I really hope u print these someday for future reference
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