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  1. I'm thinking about writing the biggest blog

    What's the maximum number of blog entries can you write? I would like to make the biggest blog (blog with the most entries), to break the LBP Central records of blogging. All I need to do is to think a lot to write a lot. I haven't really written a blog since 2008, except for the last four entries.

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  2. LBP Controversy List

    As I said on the Update 1.12 thread, I enjoy studying controversies, including the in-game community controversies. Judging from my experience, I have a list of controversies I recorded in the whole game. Bold means major, as italics mean past.

    Update 1.12 - boos were removed, glitches were bad, and a new feature gives trolls more power.
    Advertising levels
    H4H and P4P
    Bomb Survivals and Shark Survivals
    Stephanie_Ravens ...

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  3. South Park Season 14

    How was it? I think it's the most disappointing season. They censored out episode 201, and the last seven (or eight) episodes of Season 14 were poorly made. Then they released the DVD censored when 100% of the fans want it uncensored.

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  4. I deleted all of my levels

    I know this sounds bad, but I deleted all of my levels except for my "Hall of Death" level. I am planning on making two series of levels, and it would take up a lot of room, so I had to delete all of my LBP2 levels. If you like, you can play my "Hall of Death" level. I'm just entering a new phase.

    EDIT: Hall of Death will be deleted someday.

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  5. My profile has gone red!

    It's just a joke. When I mean it gone red, it has a picture of Red from South Park.

    EDIT: This is my first blog entry. And now, my avatar is a picture of Red and one of her friends.

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