1. 20,- Voucher contest

  2. 140 suggestions for lbp2 create mode

    NOTE: I spend a few days in the editor, trying out all the tools,
    discussing with other creators what we are missing, or what could need some improvement.
    Most of these suggestion came from me, but C_Mckamey, Asbestos, Coasterfreak and some others also suggested some stuff that I personally think would make our creator-lives a lot easier.

    Additional note:
    There are a lot of suggestions that could be pulled of with workarounds, I know
    but actually adding ...
  3. People you dont want in your psn list

    Skaro455 - Kept asking for an invite about 50 times in a few minutes, was not in my list but someone who joined me was "friend" with him.
    I accepted, told him to bugger off and the hatemails started spamming my way.

    Holden1Heart (and ALL of his friends) - Steals objects out of your levels, mail spamming, level spamming.

    Juhani100 - Hatemail, hatepictures, hatelevels, ripping off your levels.. the whole deal.

    DaaN-Noor - Doesnt take no for an answer ...
  4. Links to Levels/Objects and more!

    Little Big Planet Levels:

    Sack, The legendary level 1 of 13
    Sack, The legendary level 2 of 13
    Sack, The legendary level 3 of 13
    Sack, The legendary level 4 of 13
    Sack, The legendary level 5-1 of 13 (in progress)
    Sack, The legendary level 5-2 of 13 (in progress)
    Sack, The legendary Challenge level 2 of 4. (in progress)

    Little Big Planet Levels I Co-Created: (with TheAdipose)

    In pursuit of meddling magpie
    Arena of Gladiators

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