1. New graphics card

    Despite the fact that this blog gets absolutely no attention, I'm going to post in it anyway so that in 1,000 years it can be praised as an amazing work of literature.

    My old graphics card, which was over 5 years old, crapped out on me a few weeks ago. It couldn't play TF2, a game with very low requirements, without making everyone look like they're made of blocks, where when someone gibs all that shows is a big red square, without going past 10 FPS

    I finally got a new ...
  2. Oh hey a blog.

    Arkei got a blog? Evidently so, that's why you're reading it RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. I'm just making it so I can post some ideas and stuff that none of you will probably even read, which is fine by me.

    So far I've been trying to create a tactical battle system, custom battle vehicles and an epic level series. My progress on said ideas? None. Whopee! Check soon because I will (maybe) post my ideas and such.
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