1. HEIST 3, part three: Groundwork

    I've started playing around with building random things from the level. Mainly at the moment I have the items at the starting location. The 3 pyramids and several sections of the Lourve. My love of detail is letting me down, from simply building these sections im at around 405 of the thermo - I'll need to do some serious trimming.
  2. HEIST 3, part two: Gameplay

    Heres a few notes that keep coming to me of things 'd like to include:

    - Laser puzzles, using mirrored surfaces to reflect lasers to open doors. I have the groundwork for it sorted. But implementing it may be a challenge.

    - Puzzles using the Priceless items from the gallery, perhaps with the catch that you have to use them but if a camera sees them missing the door will close?

    - I'd like to blow up a famous monument as some point, the Louvre pyramids ...
  3. HEIST 3, part one: Ideas

    For reasons I'm not sure of I'm going to blog my progress with HEIST 3. If only to see how its developed afterwards.

    A few things thats happened up until now:

    I decided on the target, The Mona Lisa

    I got a couple of people to help with a name and the working title is:

    HEIST 3: The art of theft

    I'm hoping (thermo allowing it) that I will able to pack more action into this one. Inspired by scenes from the FROST* video I'd ...