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  1. Bonnell7's Avatar
    Alright! I didn't want to make a whole new blog entry, so a comment will do!
    Axis-3D is finally caught-up to where it was before my profile corruption.
    I know it took awhile, but there were insights into certain mechanics that I lost the first time around. For instance, the god-awful character rotation tweaker.
    (2 of it's 3 rotational axes are local to the sackbot, but 1 isn't... it's global)

    I'm now confronted with my age-old enemy... the visible Sackbot!... again.
    I've tried manipulating LBP3's layer-rendering glitches that Sackbots and Decorations share... but found nothing promising.
    Simply scaling the Sackbots down to planck-scale may work... but I would need to recalibrate a few props (not the funnest bit).

    Anyways... again; any good suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. koltonaugust's Avatar
    Lol, this story is kind of funny in how it ended. Sounds kind of annoying during though. I wouldn't feel too bad though. If he really wants a PS4, they aren't too expensive now. That, and having time away from the PS4 is extremely rewarding as well.