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  1. Battle with Zombies in LBP

    Hello together,
    today I want to talk about Battle with Zombies. It's a series of TopDown shooters with zombies.

    My soundtracks in LBP and BWZ are the only projects I managed to finish in some way. That makes me proud.

    I am not a guy, who can finish things easily. I often announce something and months later it's gone.

    But BWZ is different. It's kind of finished. It's not perfect though. Many many things can still be done. Many more things. You ...
  2. About Battle with Zombies

    Battle with Zombies.

    A level series in LBP2 and LBP Vita. It's like 3 years old. On the Vita it's a little bit more than 2 years. At the christmas day (24.12) 2015 I have published the newstest level.
    Ha, can you remember? I always talked about new guns and perks in my levels. I said 'I will add the features soon.' But I never did.

    At my newstest level, Battle with Zombies - Sandstorm ( I added the features. Why? Because I wanted to ...
  3. Realtalk about me

    I want to talk about earlier. What I did, was ugly.
    I made two profiles. One real profile and one fake. It still exists here.

    I have a big brother, but he didn't play LBP since 2012. So I wanted a big brother, who plays LBP. So I used my own profile (mdkdisback) on PSN and used it as 'the big brother'. In public I wanted to have a big brother with the same hobbys and something, so I wrote with a fake account and my real account.

    Maybe the admins ...
  4. I still play LBP Vita, who else?

    Hey hey!
    I'm back again with another blog entry.

    This time I want to ask, who is still playing LBP Vita?
    I guess not many, but I think it's OK. This is, what happens with games. They first get really much attention. Than it sinks. And after a really long time there are only a few people. Everytime when I look, I can see, that there are 200 players in LBPVita online. It's... OK. But I'm a little bit confused. 200 players and I don't get any plays anymore?!
    I ...
  5. I'm back

    Hey, I'm back.
    It's been a loong time.
    ****ed, it's been more than a half year. I'm old.
    OK, I'm 16 now. However, I'm signed in at 3 LBP forums now. Here, LBP Hub and Littlebigforum.
    However, I don't know when I'm posting something again.
    I'm busy with some new LBPVITA levels and some other stuff.

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