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  1. Realtalk about me

    I want to talk about earlier. What I did, was ugly.
    I made two profiles. One real profile and one fake. It still exists here.

    I have a big brother, but he didn't play LBP since 2012. So I wanted a big brother, who plays LBP. So I used my own profile (mdkdisback) on PSN and used it as 'the big brother'. In public I wanted to have a big brother with the same hobbys and something, so I wrote with a fake account and my real account.

    Maybe the admins ...
  2. I still play LBP Vita, who else?

    Hey hey!
    I'm back again with another blog entry.

    This time I want to ask, who is still playing LBP Vita?
    I guess not many, but I think it's OK. This is, what happens with games. They first get really much attention. Than it sinks. And after a really long time there are only a few people. Everytime when I look, I can see, that there are 200 players in LBPVita online. It's... OK. But I'm a little bit confused. 200 players and I don't get any plays anymore?!
    I ...
  3. I'm back

    Hey, I'm back.
    It's been a loong time.
    ****ed, it's been more than a half year. I'm old.
    OK, I'm 16 now. However, I'm signed in at 3 LBP forums now. Here, LBP Hub and Littlebigforum.
    However, I don't know when I'm posting something again.
    I'm busy with some new LBPVITA levels and some other stuff.

  4. mdkd99:My sixtheenth blog


    Hey guys,I have news.

    - BWZ Snow base is in make.I'm at the level design (it takes a little bit).I wasn't making a lot to the programming.

    - BWZ Snow base could be released still this year...

    - When Snow base is released,I'll add snow wheater,till march...

    At the moment I'm not having more info about BWZ.
    But still,THX FOR WATCHING!
  5. mdkd99 - My fifteenth blog


    Hi guys,finally I've got some news!!!

    - The map design of Snow base is in progress.The shadow graphics are more realistic!

    - In Snow base you will hear deep winds.I wanted to make a realistic atmosphare and there it is.

    - I will make different gun sounds for ALL guns.It's going to sound cool.

    - I'll make new grenade sounds.

    - I'm able to continue LBP Vita,but I'm afraid of the save problems.Everytime,when ...
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