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  1. Unnecessarily Ranking: Speeds of Phrase

    Every once in a while, someone will estimate the time needed for them to perform a given task by using some arbitrary idiom? I am interested in how fast those phrases actually are. Though, to be clear, this is only in relative terms and for a very limited number of them. I am far too lazy to take on finding some exact, quantifiable number for the speed of every expression. Instead, here is a rough rundown of a few of these phrases as I try to determine how they could be ranked. All of this based ...
  2. Unnecessarily Ranking: Gelatin Dessert

    When I say gelatin dessert, I am referring to what, at least in the U.S, we call “jello.” Let’s not call it that in order to help prevent the further degradation of Jell-O’s trademark into a generic name.
    (I wonder how long this plan will last.)

    This picture might come in handy later.

    Basically, it’s little cups or bowls of colored sugary goo made at home simply by adding water to powder followed ...

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