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  1. Random Interpretations: H.R. Pufnstuf

    H.R. Pufnstuf is a Sid and Marty Krofft show with a short run but a long life. All 17 episodes were and still are syndicated for so long that they were a part of my childhood more than 20 years after their creation (along with other Krofft productions). The premise is given right in its lengthy expositional opening. A boy named Jimmy, played by The Artful Dodger himself Jack Wild, has a magical golden talking flute named Freddy. ...

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    Random Interpretations
  2. Unnecessarily Ranking: Gelatin Dessert

    When I say gelatin dessert, I am referring to what, at least in the U.S, we call ďjello.Ē Letís not call it that in order to help prevent the further degradation of Jell-Oís trademark into a generic name.
    (I wonder how long this plan will last.)

    This picture might come in handy later.

    Basically, itís little cups or bowls of colored sugary goo made at home simply by adding water to powder followed ...

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    Unnecessarily Ranking
  3. Unearthing the Archives: Hunt for Harry


    Once upon a time, I wrote some stuff. Most of it was for school and, likewise, most of it was probably terrible. I say probably because I hadnít actually seen a lot of it since then. Until recently that is. I have stumbled across a couple of the ones that I actually did in my spare time saved on a flash drive. Rather than let them metaphorically rot for another few years, I thought, "Hey, letís release them to the world."

    I apologize in advance.

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    Unearthing the Archives
  4. Yu Yu Hakusho - A Retrospective

    Before buying the season sets, I had not seen Yu Yu Hakusho en masse since its run on Toonami. I had seen a few episodes since then, but this is the first time I got to actually sit and watch them in order from start to finish. I didnít marathon it, but I did finish off in a couple of months or so. In a world where a 4:3 set of Dragonball Z is really expensive, itís nice to know this series exists.

    If you havenít seen it, itís worth a watch. Assuming of course you are into action ...

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  5. Giving This a Try


    Apparently, that is the date that I joined LBPC. That makes for five years on this site.
    Wow does that not feel correct.

    It doesnít help that I was not exactly active here for the vast majority of that time. Even now, I wouldnít exactly say it is so. After all reader, are you here because you know me from my oh so numerous escapades around the site, or because you happen to stop by? Either way, congratulations, you win an anecdote. And a cookie. ...

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