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  1. biorogue's Avatar
    2019 checking in. Guess what, still didn't finish that level. I think I'll do it in Dreams though. Maybe. It'll be harder probably because you have to EVERYTHING from scratch in Dreams and a big component of this level is the grab and throw mechanic. I don't know how to make that in Dreams.
  2. biorogue's Avatar
    I haven't set the lighting yet. Kind of hard to work on something in a dark and gloomy light.
  3. biorogue's Avatar
    Well, it is now 2017 and I STILL have not finished that level. This is mostly due in part to other games though. I barely get on LBP any more these days. Once or twice a month to clear some of my queue.
  4. ARD's Avatar
    I know that feel.
  5. biorogue's Avatar
    wow. wrote this nearly 3 years ago and guess what? I'm STILL NOT DONE WITH THIS LEVEL! Dang it! I'm slower than molasses.
  6. Shooter0898's Avatar
    Well that wasn't expected.
  7. avundcv's Avatar
    Yeah. This really is a story. What a scary imagination to swim in a lake and there are skeletons less then 10 feet under yours. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  8. hyperdude95's Avatar
    0.o now that is a story! Underwater has so many mysteries!
  9. retrogamer7's Avatar
    My pinball levels are in here? I don't get why I made them so,so, long ago and their not very good? I am flattered and shocked. I play a pinball level I made that's on my moon that's the best I made as I made it recently. Ill have to try the levels here though as they look great.
  10. Ayneh's Avatar
    Must be a virus one had or something nasty in the cage like you said. One of my friends who works on a chicken farm has had experience with the same situation and that entire shed gets quarantined once birds start to flop.

    Hope it stays isolated to one cage. If it was a bug maybe it needed close contact to spread.
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  11. nirvana's Avatar
    lol great story, rogue. glad everything came together in the end.
  12. Lady_Luck__777's Avatar
    Lol, I love it.
    You have such an entertaining way of telling the story!
    Can't wait to see the pics.
    Please tell "H" Happy Birthday from us.
    Good job Dad!
  13. Awesome_Guy's Avatar
    The Only criticism I have is that the lighting doesn't make it look that much of a swamp. It does however make it look a bit of a desert or African plains. I think if you make it more cold colours. Other from that the swamp trees look really good aswell.
  14. biorogue's Avatar
    sweet! Thanks Dav1d! I'll try that out.
  15. ForgottenEnigma's Avatar
    For good swamp trees, another method is to take the "mags the mechanic" dolls head from lbp1, enlange it and paint it green. Then using cameras and placing the object at an angle (to show the green hair while hiding the face) it will create a nice foilage effect.

    Just delete them after the player clears the area to free up thermo if you use a lot of them.
  16. biorogue's Avatar
    I think "brilliant" is over doing it. I'm not entirely happy with those trees. I want it to look like a swamp but just don't know how to achieve that look. I've downloaded a bunch of swamp pictures and studied them but still not getting what I want. Mainly working on the basic structure of the level right now and then will go back to detail the scenery. Thanks for the kind words Rick.
  17. RickRock_777's Avatar's looking spectacular dude. And you definitely belong in create are a brilliant creator.
  18. biorogue's Avatar
    it's going to be a "chase survival" level. Well I may have it non-survival in that there may be checkpoints along the way. The idea is that something or someone is chasing you through the swamp. Don't won't to give up more than that.
  19. Awesome_Guy's Avatar
    Looks snazzy, may i as what is the Plot, or is it secret?
  20. biorogue's Avatar
    dang it! another one I forgot about and I even spotlighted that one! sheesh, slipping. thanks man.
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