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Rants and comments about country life and trying to find balance between life and LBP

  1. Daily Frustrations

    So another busy week. Finally finished up with soccer and the soccer party / trophy presentation on Tuesday. The coaches, in their infinite wisdom, decided to have it at the school 6:30 pm! I enjoy taking my kids places and letting them have a good time and all, but come on coach. It's a school night and I really just wanted to hurry through it. They had a ton of pizza to eat, so of course I indulged. I'm a super fast eater. The Army taught me that. Eat now and taste later you ...

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  2. LBP withdrawals or I Need a Vacation!

    This will be my 4th day without LBP. I actually got to turn my PS3 on last night, but just long enough to see if it would log in. My dad had called and said he couldn't log in and wanted to know if the PSN was down. He's a game junkie such as myself.

    This afternoon I have family coming in from Seattle. My wife made me stay up late last night cleaning the shack(Yay, in-laws!)Anyway, today I got to get to Austin to pick them up, then I got parent night at my daughter's V-ball game followed ...

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  3. Hectic Happenings

    First, I want to say thank you to RickRock_777 for helping me organize this dang blog. Thank you Rick.

    I knew going in that this was going to be one busy week, but not this dang busy.
    We had the county fair and rodeo coming up so we had to make preparations for that as my oldest kid was showing rabbits. This will be her 7th time showing rabbits and usually does pretty well.

    So that's going on and then my twins' soccer coach decides that we need to have a scrimmage ...

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  4. Horses, Cows and rabbits, Oh My!

    Well this was a pretty busy week and the upcoming week is going to be insane. My horses escaped and were running down the road when I got home. A lady followed me into my driveway and said, "Hey, your horses got out and I almost hit one of them." I was tired and aggravated so I says to her, "Shoot them." She looked at me like I was crazy, which I guess I would have too. Of course I didn't mean it. So I head down the road and a neighbor had trapped them in someone else's corral, which made things ...

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  5. brainstorm has arrived

    Not much going on today. Got some much needed rain yesterday. Maybe my pastures will start growing some grass for my horses and goats.

    I had a brilliant idea for a level the other day and have actually started working on it. Ok, I stole the idea from a flash game, but that's beside the point. At first I was going to try and do a remake of the game, but my logic skills are severely lacking and I just didn't think I could pull it off. So I went another route with it and I'm hoping ...

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