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  1. No Logic Class This Week

    Due to a family emergency.

    Sorry... Hopefully things will be back to normal next week.

    Take care!
  2. My RS Latch Can Beat Up Your P-Switch!

    Since the beginning of time, or at least what qualifies as time for the LittleBigPlanet omniverse, people have used little devices called P-Switches. P-Switches stands for Permanent Switches.

    So just in case you happen to be one of these new people, and a hearty congratulations you will never leave LittleBigPlanet (which we in the know call LBP - handy, eh?) let us look at two COMMON P-Switches.

    The first P-Switch is the Media Molecule (also abbreviated as Mm or MM) ...

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  3. Son of a Bad Idea™

    It is said that for every good idea there are ten bad ideas that are not only implemented, but tested and sold by smiling people who will tell you why this bad idea is really a good idea.

    Instead let us just start off with the fact that this is a very Bad Idea™. So bad, I haven't even tested it for the fear that it will work.

    That's how much I really don't like it.

    Unfortunately, I tend to be a masochist in this area (testing out bad ideas) and, sadly, ...

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  4. Is that Logic There? Or are You Just Glad to See Me?

    Well, as promised, we are doing a little detour into the realm of the known. Yes, my little sackpeople, we are going to go over the basics of logic, why it is important, and why everyone seems to be doing it these days.

    I mean, it MUST be important if everyone is doing it, right?

    So lets start off with a little problem.

    The Problem

    Hi, I'm Joe Sackperson and I'm building my very own, wow, gosh, SUPER level that everyone is going to love ...

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  5. Evolution of a Bad - VERY Bad - Idea

    Most engineers do not divulge their mistakes because, quite frequently, an engineers work is not typically understood by the Big Shots. So as a result many of the horrors they create get buried.

    Unfortunately, for the engineer, this can spill over into other things in real life -- to the point that either they can't admit a mistake or do their best to cover it up.

    Today, however, I will admit to a big mistake. Something that was terribly, terribly stupid.

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