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  1. dakotarhea's Avatar
    (sorry for the grammer im on my iphone)
  2. dakotarhea's Avatar
    ok ok well......i play and love lbp but even before that i was the guy that loves violnce look on my trophys, i have flower little big planet deathspank then pops up splatterhouse red dead redemption and MAG....i love lbp for the ability of creating what you want to any extent you want (privatlly) so be glad its just a bit of violence and not the mijority....and at least its not know sexual content all over the place like other games o.O SO with that said..yes im a dark guy but i still like happy peacefull things everyone has there faintest love for hate or violce....but theres always an exeption. and you may be that exeption just dont worrie about it untill its like the base comunity of lbp asking for blood then id be worried too
  3. gamenerd-815's Avatar
    Wow thank you now I can make more logic in my level now. To bad all of are logic is going to be wasted for the new logic in LittleBigPlanet 2 but Still good job on the work.
  4. feloneouscat's Avatar
    If you put a red glass cube behind a blue glass cube, then if you look through the blue cube you will NOT see the red one. VERY annoying.
  5. feloneouscat's Avatar
    Directional is the key...
  6. Raiden's Avatar
    im gonna go try after i read all your other tutorials

    and what is that glitch you mentioned with stacking glass cubes lol
  7. Raiden's Avatar
    wait so i turn a switch to activate a wobble bolt but doesnt it go back and forth? How do i make it turn 90 degrees and freeze <== Noob
  8. Raiden's Avatar
    so how do i actually create an OR and AND gate
  9. Ragfell's Avatar
    I don't understand. lol.
  10. Morgana25's Avatar
    Even if I don't understand WHY you'd want something like that I am in awe of it and your particularly fun sense of humor

    I'm going to get this whole logic thing some day, then I'll have to give some major props to the guys like you feloneouscat! Thanks!
  11. Fleidermaus's Avatar
    I've been pretty impressed with your wobble logic. Enough so that I decided to implement all of them myself and try to adapt a RS latch into a gated D latch (memory circuit).

    Unfortunately, it uses 4 rotors on top of the 3 for the RS latch circuit. I can't figure out a way to minimize it, though. Would you mind taking a look at it and seeing if you see any way of minimizing it leap out at you?

    Or if there's a less insane way of implementing a memory circuit, I'd like to hear that too.

    Just search for Fleidermaus... The level is incredibly descriptively named "Toolkit."

    I've got a bunch of other junk in there as well, the D-latch is in the "caves."
  12. Fjonan's Avatar
    Where is da logic!
  13. Burnvictim42's Avatar
    yay! ... to the working out alright part, not the emotionally draining one ;p

    If you need it, i'm sure the class won't mind if the prof adds another week to spring break :P
  14. feloneouscat's Avatar
    It has... fortunately... But has been emotionally draining...

  15. Burnvictim42's Avatar
    you take care too! I hope everything works out alright! D:
  16. feloneouscat's Avatar
    All are hosted by

    You might see if that site is blocked.
  17. Gravel's Avatar
    Well, the diagrams are all blue boxed question marks for me... so I'm up a paddle with a creek!
  18. Night Angel's Avatar
    I agree and am happy that Mm is starting their Online Create progress. I am personally a game maker and think other toy makers' toys are VERY sexy. Two heads are better than one!
  19. feloneouscat's Avatar
    Actually, it was LONGER! But the system wouldn't allow me to post more than 10000 characters

    I try to write these to be easy. Don't be scared of the length, most of it is pictures anyway!
  20. Fjonan's Avatar
    Intriguing as always. At first the length scared me but now after reading it ... it's ingenious. I do not know how i would have realized the "sqish chamber" if i had to do it on my own. maybe some weird switch combos which ultimately would have come down to "that thing".
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