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  1. Analogue Logic - Notation

    Ana.logue Signal Processing
    Supplemental Note - Notation

    As we progress onwards, it's becoming clear to me that I need a set of terms and shorthands that I can use to concisely and unambiguously convey what I'm talking about. So much like when I did for digital systems, I've distilled out some concepts from real-world techy-type stuff into a kind of notation to use for the analogue aspects of the Logic Blog. These will likely be the standards as I move forwards, which ...

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  2. Mini-Blog: Logical Notation

    Logical Notation:

    From next week, I will be using some semi-formal notation in my blogs, for describing the function of logic systems. It's a little confusing at first, but will save me a lot of hassle later.

    This only really covers basic boolean logic, which is your ANDs and ORs etc. More complex and LBPised functions won't really fit into this but seeing as AND and OR behaviour is seen all over the place in LBP it's still pretty useful

    Signals ...

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