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  1. Analogue Logic 5 - Division & Multiplication

    Analogue Signal Processing
    Go Forth & Multiply

    Part 5 - Multiplication, Division & More

    Last entry we looked at scaling as our first stab at approaching multiplication in the analogue domain. However, the scaling techniques presented were relatively limited - for upscaling we were limited to fixed integer values, and downscaling was limited to certain signals only. We then took what appeared to be a massive detour into the world of sampling of signals ...
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  2. Analogue Logic 4 - Basics of Sampling & Scaling

    Analogue Signal Processing
    Divide and Conquer

    Part 4 - Basics of Scaling & Sampling

    Yeah.... So I forgot to write an intro. No one cares about my intros anyway, right? Exactly. Today has the basics of sampling and scaling, but not in that order. Go:


    1.0. Basic Scaling

    Just to clarify, when ...

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  3. Analogue Logic 3 - DAC & ADC

    Ana.logue Signal Processing
    Preaching to the Converted

    Part 3 - Dealing with Signal Duality - Conversion Techniques

    Well, it's come to my attention that binary is, in fact, not just for n00bs, despite what my blog may have said a couple of weeks ago. Digital systems are actually bloody useful and quite fantastic. You see, this world of analogue signal processing may well be relatively spangly and new and it can do a whole bunch of stuff ...

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  4. Analogue Logic 2 - Sorting & Addition

    Ana.logue Signal Processing
    All Your Sums Are Belong To Us

    Part 2 - Sorting and Addition

    Analogue processing is all about arithmetic - carrying out mathematical operations of numbers in a continuous spectrum. Last installment we briefly (heh) covered the basic processing units provided by the in-game tools. These boil down to
    • min(),
    • max(),
    • subtraction,
    • inversion,
    • integration.

    This isn't really a very wide toolset ...

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  5. Analogue Logic - Notation

    Ana.logue Signal Processing
    Supplemental Note - Notation

    As we progress onwards, it's becoming clear to me that I need a set of terms and shorthands that I can use to concisely and unambiguously convey what I'm talking about. So much like when I did for digital systems, I've distilled out some concepts from real-world techy-type stuff into a kind of notation to use for the analogue aspects of the Logic Blog. These will likely be the standards as I move forwards, which ...

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