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  1. Waste Not, Want Not: Part 1

    Waste Not, Want Not:
    Resource Sharing for Thermofficiency!

    - Part 1 -

    1. Roadmap for the Next Month
    Last week I brought out those winch-based AND and OR gates (again ) and said "these are the most thermo efficient in the game". To my knowledge this is true, but it's a very, very short-sighted statement. If all you want is an AND or an OR in isolation then they're awesome, but very rarely do I use logic gates on their own. ...

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  2. Welcome To the Wonderful World of Wenches!!

    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wenches!

    Indeed, what better way to kick off the logic blog than with a basic overview of my favouritest thing in the (littleBig) World: wenches!! Yes, as many of you know, the vast majority of the logic I use involves a winch somewhere in it, so it seems the best place to start is with a rundown of basic winch techniques.

    Now I know I said I wasn’t planning on doing a “here are some generic switches” type approach, but as ...

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