1. LBP3D: Create Mode

    It's been a while since i stopped playing LBP so i've become less cynical towards the more "radical" ideas.
    With my new outlook on the game i thought of a way that Create Mode could work in a fully 3D lbp.
    These ideas aren't flawless in any way but they could be developed into something better with a little more thought.

    The pics i've done will do most of the talking for me

    First off, from ...

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  2. Is playing bad games a better way to get inspiration?

    I suppose since this is an LBP forum i could relate more by talking about LBP levels

    I've been thinking recently, isn't it logical that playing bad levels is a lot more beneficial to your creativity. There's the possibility that this is just common sense that's passed by me.

    Personally i always looked to good levels when looking for ideas. "Hey that level was great, i might do this this and this" - That's called copying though, on a quest for originality i was kind ...
  3. I have an idea!

    I've really been low on ideas recently, i'm mostly just churning out the same old stuff.
    I've always been a bit naf at writing stories too.

    But just now i remembered something!

    A while back i read somewhere that all the best ideas come from books.
    Like the best game developers get their ideas from reading instead of the majority that get them from movies.

    I've neglected it for a while. I really enjoy reading but i never give myself the ...

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  4. Whats Next? :D

    At the moment i'm working on a ruin themed combo-ish level

    The combos aren't perfect but it's my first try i suppose, they're just contributing to an ordinary level.

    I'm trying to make this one much more polished anyway. So far it's going well, put a ton of detail into things like the ruins and trees although i can't think of any obstacles. The beginning of the level is just pure combos.

    I'm really trying to think in 3 dimensions with this level too. ...
  5. A Piratey Tale - Self Review and Speculation :)

    I like doing these
    Nice to list what i need to improve for future levels.

    First off i think the level turned out a little too unpolished. It was only meant to be a jokey level but everything seems a bit messy and inconsistent.
    A lot of that was caused by the unglue glitch though, need to try and avoid that if i ever want something to be decent quality.

    I should really start looking more into the stickers and decorations available too.
    So far ...