1. Bull****

    As i type i am currently in my business class my teacher turned the other way so i can type this.

    Business, learning how to talk Bull**** for a living, Hmmm.

    well anyways thats not what i wanted to talk about this is an LBP site after all.

    The new music pack came out this week, i'm not going to get it though. this is because £2.99 for three tracks and a few stickers is an incredable ripp off.

    B2B, The back to basics competition I am entering ...
  2. LBP level create contest

    So i have set up a contest and it will have a givaway of XP for the site. Why enter? well because i don't want you to create a new level just to enter one in the competition.

    So if you have already made a good level or just want to see how you do you can enter for free. heres the link to the thread please everyone enter and have fun.
  3. Exam

    ARRRGH!!!!! science exams tommorow and i think i'm going to fail ArRRrRRrRRrGh!!!!!!!
  4. My LBP story !!!

    This is my story, Media molecule loved it when i sent it to them and i wanted to share it with you. Enjoy

    “Uncle Jalapeno! Uncle Jalapeno!” The frightened Sackboy searched frantically for his uncle high and low far and wide. His uncle had went missing twice before, but with the evil Sheriff Zapata now behind bars, and with the Collector now sharing his creations throughout the world Sackboy did not know where to look. He decided to ask his uncles friends so he went to see ...

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  5. Lbp

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