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  1. theparkman1234's Avatar
    Well said **** these summer holidays, **** them good
  2. Burrich's Avatar
    I'm on this site for hours every day... I have no life at the minute... **** summer holidays!
  3. Fjonan's Avatar
    ARGH now I have an earworm [ame=""]YouTube - Pat Benatar-Hit Me With Your Best Shot[/ame]
  4. ryryryan's Avatar
    My level 'prologue' is a real challenge!
    ryryryan is the PSN
  5. Burnvictim42's Avatar
    Like... hard levels? or score challenges? or what?

    Hard Levels:
    Harderlands by clarkdef
    Shianan Fortress by Yarudark
    Temple of Trials by Bridget_
    Teleport to ????? by Smasher1116789

    Score challenges:
    Vertigo! by Ccubage
    Crazy Train Hard Mode by Rangerzero
    Pinball Wizzard by Allieran
    Spooky Pinball by Smasher1116789

    those are a few i know, and there are a bunch more out there.
  6. Burrich's Avatar
    Hmmm... you like posting short, random blogs don't you...
  7. theparkman1234's Avatar
    wow wow wow wow