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  1. IAGUITO21's Avatar
    You are AWESOME!
  2. toxiic's Avatar
    good luck with that, hope you are successful and get the job you want. :)
  3. liamdaniels's Avatar
    uhhhhhh look at the date?
  4. Phazerz123's Avatar
    uhhhhhh beta test?
  5. comphermc's Avatar
    Oh yah... got an A-. Heh.
  6. GreatWhite000's Avatar
    Oh god this scared me. I thought the site was being hacked.
  7. Stephanie_Ravens's Avatar
    We can check profiles and stuff now, and navigate easier with this skin, and start threads, but not check them/post. But you guys probably figured that already =p
  8. Doopz's Avatar
    Oooh! The site is having problems....

    I thought something was wrong with my computer, I've been fiddling with the options and trying different browsers, I was getting scared...

    Then, I just managed to get here, but it looks so weird... D:

    Well, at least I'm on the site now...

    EDIT: Wow, it's (kind of) fixed now. And this was a blog? Lol, I thought this was a thread, there was no way to tell the way it was before...

    EDIT2: I see there's 2 new threads in site updates, but I can't open threads.
    Updated 05-17-2010 at 05:30 PM by Doopz
  9. dajdaj03's Avatar
    That's scary...! Hope it will be fixed very soon
  10. flamingemu's Avatar
    There are currently 111 users online. 55 members and 56 guests
    gotta love that.
    also, sorry about the double but it won't let me edit my other post
  11. flamingemu's Avatar
    thank god it's not just me! honestly, finding the forums is impossible, how long would you say till it is fixed?
  12. Richasackboy's Avatar
    Oh noes! =(

    At least we still have our avatars! B)

    What exactly is/was the problem?
  13. Ungreth's Avatar
    Growls and gnashes teeth...
  14. Blackfalcon's Avatar
    Thanks for being so quick to notice it. Good luck!

  15. Stephanie_Ravens's Avatar
    At the moment it's a big mess for me, managed to find this blog post, i'm using firefox.
  16. Burnvictim42's Avatar
    Good to hear I'm not the only one going bonkers here.
  17. ARD's Avatar
    I like the new layout. It's sleek.
  18. rtm223's Avatar
    Thanks for the informative update

    Personally, I love the fact that there are ~30 people logged into a site that doesn't work, clearly all just waiting for it to come back online. Yay LBPC!!
    Updated 05-17-2010 at 12:01 PM by rtm223
  19. Oddmania's Avatar
    So my Firefox works well !?

    It was painful to post this message, I hope everything's gonna be fixed ^^
  20. wexfordian's Avatar
    Ah I thought it was just a new "experimental" design
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