1. The Return: Day 2 of LBP 3

    I'm back in the game, and soon to be hopefully back in the game.

    Let's get to work.
  2. "33", The End

    Lessons learned:

    *Reviewing levels with a critical eye is HARD. I knew that it was before, but I see now, more than ever, the importance of first impressions. Someone who's volunteered to take on the task of spotlighting or otherwise singling out levels for praise is essentially agreeing to not have fun playing those levels. The challenge, then, is not just to make a level that's engaging, but to have its "essence" immediately available to someone who may only have a few ounces ...

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  3. "33", 23+

    23/33. Highschool Part 3. An excellent story. You WILL be reading and watching a lot. Try to accept it.

    24/33. Royal Bluffs. Feels a lot like "Paris is for Lovers", or ToykyoMegaplex's stuff (okay, no custom music and no lights...but no slowdown, either). Whippy-whip gameplay and great "LBP Story" visual design.

    25/33. Omega Protocol. Awesome exploration/platforming with only occasional frustration.

    26/33. Exotic Neon Galaxy. Fun platforming ...
  4. But I Digress 1: Tribute, or not to Tribute?

    Today's Question: should I build Tribute levels (i.e., a level that mimics an existing game, movie, or other IP)?

    Short Answer: for yourself or your friends, sure! For others? That depends...

    Long Answer:

    Yes, it's true that a lot of talented creators have gotten a lot of well-deserved recognition for faithfully reproducing, say, all of Super Mario level 1-1 using LBP materials and love.

    Pins, Ribbons, spotlights, and recognition all ...

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    But I Digress
  5. "33", 18 and Up

    18/33: A pretty good Mario send-up in LBP1. It's really fun to watch a new creator get their platforming "sea legs".

    I've been gone, but I haven't forgotten.
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