1. Day 7: Blog Will Shutdown.

    I'm too lazy to type in my blog.
    Probably stopping at Day 10.

    But you can still read it.
  2. Day 6: I'm Late Once More.

    I forgot what happened.
    So nothing interesting happened that much. D:
  3. Day 4/5: I Forgot To Write In My Blog!

    Title says it all.

    I've gotten active on a game I like, but I still go onto LBPC. :D

    I'm participating in Deja Boom, it's pretty fun.

    Anyways, all I can say, I'm kinda busy as you read this, teehee.
  4. Day 3: Worst Day Ever?

    I admit, I'm kinda getting bored in this forum since I'm the only active person. And no one else replies. But still, I like the forums. :D

    On PS3, I kinda had some "bad" things... one of my friends kinda "Slapped Abuse" me and we're like totally quiet together. Mostly we never see each other cause 'he' never accepts my "Invites" or "Join" requests.

    Sadly, while I was in my pod, I got bored cause no one would like to play with me. :( I was alone for like 30 mins straight. ...
  5. Day 2: I Had More Fun Than Yesterday!

    Day 2, still having fun.
    I met more friends, about 7 more. My goal is get a full friendslist and meet friends at the same time. I also were friends with another admin. :D
    I also played with my friends RockSauron and Competermc. Competermc helped me on the x4 in the Dancers Court. It was funny cause we had to activate our controllers and then slap them off the edge (the activated controllers). :P
    Anyways, I almost got 100% on all levels except The Wilderness. I also got an item ...
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