1. Store Finals Drum Off Video

  2. Round Two of the Drum Competition

    Before you read this, I want you to know that this is simply an account of what happened last night during a drum competition. It's just FYI

    Some of you may know that I entered myself into the Guitar Center Drum Off Competition. If you've read one of my previous blog posts you know that I won round one and moved on to the store finals (I posted a video there as well). Well, last night was round two, the store finals!

    There were originally 6 contestants left ...

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  3. Pizza

    Pizza is definitely my favorite food. Not that thick crust stuff either. So since I was by myself for lunch today, I thought I'd order a medium cheese. Bad idea. Before I knew it, I ate the whole thing while watching TV. Now I feel gross. One thing you should know is that I'm a fairly health-conscious guy. I love working out and I try to eat right. So a medium pizza might not seem like much to some, but it absolutely destroyed me Ugh.

    Lesson learned? Probably not

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  4. Round One of the drum competition

    Alright, I wasn't sure if I should post this or not, but I went ahead and did it anyway. Enjoy! (I hope!) Round Two will be on October 15th.

    [Guitar Center Drum Off - Preliminary Round One Solo]

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  5. Today

    It's 4:00pm where I am, and I'm about to leave to go to the Guitar Center Drum Off competition. I'm on in 2 hours! I'm nervous .. so pray for me, wish me luck, or whatever it is you do, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

    Here's the winner from last year:

    [Guitar Center's Drum-Off '08 Champ Jerome Flood II]

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