1. Update:

    Well, so much for the one week vacation from blogging :P

    Yeah, I've been extremely busy. Applications for some music schools are extremely early, and early application is already in November. But even more than that, a competition for a Berklee scholarship is coming up at the end of October.

    So basically, I've been working my butt off to get 3 full scores done for my 3 best compositions, while balancing a heavy load of school work, some extra-curricular stuff, and other ...

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  2. Oftenly Discussions: My LittleBigAbsence

    Yay for cheesy titles!

    Anyways, sorry for the lack of blog posts the past couple days. I probably won't get another one out until Monday or so.

    Call it my vacation
  3. Oftenly Discussions: Eraser Man!



    Yes, this little buddy can be made using only the objects commonly found on a led pencil with a removable grip!

    Note: the grip doesn't have to be made for removal - it just has to be removable, with the addition of some force of course

    Type of led pencil I used:

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  4. Oftenly Discussions: The Leaky Faucet Effect

    Ya know, it's clear that I'm about to write an interesting blog post when I come up with the title before I have any idea what the post is going to be about.

    Right, so I'm betting you're wondering what the leaky faucet effect is (cause I sure am!).

    The Leaky Faucet Effect

    You're playing a level. Points, points, points. You're doing awesome! ...

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  5. Oftenly Discussions: Level Status Update

    Don't have much time today, so it'll be a quickie.

    My level is still in progress, and unlike all my other projects in LBP, I'm not abandoning this one!
    But progress has slowed a lot with school, so it's going to take longer than I hoped.

    Furthermore, I had what I hope will be a really neat idea that will greatly affect the level and overall story, which should be fun if I can pull it off.

    In the meantime, have a pic from the opening scene in ...
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