1. Oftenly Discussions: 23 Wishes

    No, this isn't my wishlist. I'll save that for another day

    In fact, I now have 23 wishes available because I saw 23 shooting stars the other night (AKA meteors)! The Perseid meteor shower gave us a good show around midnight of August 12th.

    It's nice to take a break from life and set out at 1 in the morning to go to the park, lie down, and stare at the sky. I'm not much of a stargazer myself, but I like myself a meteor shower every now and then.

    It's ...
  2. Oftenly Discussions: Bater Wottles

    Bater Wottles (pronounced Botter, rhyming with water)

    It's the new best word. Say it. Say it again. You like it. It sticks. Do you know what it means? Do you care? Say it again. You're getting addicted now. Again. Again. Again.

    Bater Wottles are the new fashion, actually. Bater Wottles are what you get when you take a water bottle and turn it inside it, figuratively speaking.

    Even better, if you ask someone for a bater wottle they'll likely ...
  3. The Clarinet and the Piano: An Epic Tale

    Yeah so this is my second blog post.
    ...What a terrible way to start a blog...

    N-eways. So this is kinda of a side story from my whole "Adventures of Perfect Pitch" thing.

    Picture a Piano. It's a nice, big, brown, grand piano. A Heintzman in fact. I love it.
    Now picture a Clarinet. It's cylindrical, plastic, a solid looking instrument (when it's put together, that is). It's loads of fun as well.

    Now picture playing them at the same ...
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