1. Game Packs

    I finally got the MGS4 pack on LBP and Pirates of the Caribbean one as well.
    They are really cool and I have finished them both but I haven't got all the stickers, items and audio objects.
    But I am making a level.
    It might not be so good because of my previous one but I'm hoping to get help in the forum.
  2. Poem

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    Hello this is a Poem I just made this morning without thinking it.
    I don't like to swear anywhere
    Some people swear in Claires
    They Sit down on a chair
    And do the swear business
    If people start to stare at them
    They just like to glare...
    If they eat a pear
    And they say their swear (prayer)
    They will see its not fair
    For all the people that stop you
    Being a pair (Swearing and you)
    Oh the problem is there
  3. More pics

  4. Making a house in your level.

    This is something to show you how to make a house.
    What you can do is, first use either wood, cardboard that doesn't have a decoration then make a square shape.
    You can either do it at the top area of your moon or at the bottom. I prefer the top though.
    Then when you've made that you can add some things to make it look good. For example maybe you can make your own chairs.
    I'll give you some examples. In my moon I have a house up at the top of my moon and it has chairs ...
  5. Rabbits are taking over LBP and online create mode

    Last night I was on LBP when my friend Karlone was online so I joined her and she let me come and I found I was in her moon. And I was thinking that it had to do something with the new update. So we made a level together called china. It was quite weird like the levels she makes but it was fun to play in.

    And the other thing involves Karlone.
    We were in this suicidal sackboy level and we got stuck but I didn't want to self destruct. But she was with me. Then she took away some ...