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This is my blog where I post my random and sometimes not so random things about LBP and sometimes not about LBP. Please enjoy

  1. How to (not) build a rubik's cube in LBP

    O hai. Some might remember me, some might not. There was this one project I had, you can look it up in my previous blog entries. I tried to create a rubik's cube in LBP2. Sounds difficult? Impossible? Complicated? Well, I decided to make a step-by-step guide on how to make a rubik's cube in LBP2. Or actually... well, you'll see...

    Step 1: The idea

    It's January in the year 2011. You have decided to finally create something amazing, something mind blowing. What could ...
  2. Excited! That's what I am at the moment

    Why am I excited, you ask? Because Finland is playing in the ice hockey world championship final... AGAINST SWEDEN! Finland has all the odds on winning this year. 16 years after our first (and currently only) WC victory, it would be the best thing ever to win again!

    "Victory isn't important, the only thing that matters is that Sweden loses!"

    The game begins in roughly 17 hours, I should sleep now... it's 4:19PM
    Oh btw, take a look at this picture, just to ...
  3. Project cube diary - 6

    A new entry for the first time in 3 weeks. Woohoo.
    That is pretty much where the good news end. I realized a major mistake in my logic last week and now I'm sure that I would have to rebuild pretty much the whole logic for it to work. Oh well, the whole project has been stuck with me being bored and not really having any good idea on how to make the visuals work. (I kinda thought I would figure it out when I have to... maybe I will)
    You probably want to know what's wrong? Well, as ...
  4. Feeling empty inside

    LittleBigPlanet as we know it has changed a lot since 2008, thinking back at the first days playing LBP, going through the story, playing the community levels there were and thinking the Azure Palace was godlike and no other level could possibly be better... it all makes me kinda sad to see it's going to "end" with LBP2 coming out.

    Of course nothing is going to end but things will certainly not be the same ever again. Thinking about it, LittleBigPlanet lost it's cute charm a long ...
  5. Napero's theories about life and afterlife

    So, I am bored... what to do? Write a blog post!
    This post will probably be long, just me typing all kinds of stupid and less stupid more likely and interesting theories of what happens when we die and also other stuff about how life works. I will try to avoid all kinds of religious stuff here, for obvious reasons. Note that I am writing these from my head, even though that it is very likely that someone else has written about very similar things. These are just theories that I have been ...
    Tags: death, life
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