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  1. Plasmavore's Avatar
    Goodbye rseah!
    We will miss you so much!
  2. Alec's Avatar
    Happy Easter!
  3. Bradlee's Avatar
    Guess we're in the same boat but I wasn't my whole Computer just all my Microsoft office documents :\
  4. BabyDoll1970's Avatar
    Well thank goodness for that! I thought I was going to have to sit you down and have a maternal talk with you! Sometimes lost files are still there in the system, you just need to know how to access them. Good luck, anyway
  5. rseah's Avatar
    I want a macbook pro.

    Also for people who read this don't take the title too seriously :P
  6. YEAH_NAH's Avatar
    My computer sucks..
    its like 7 years old :/
    (but right know im on a MacBook Pro )
  7. Testudini's Avatar
  8. Strangepom's Avatar
    Have a nice break
  9. Alex™'s Avatar
    See ya man. Have fun with whatever you do...
  10. Doopz's Avatar
    Aww, what a shame.

    May I ask why?

    Also, for whatever reason it is, will you still be able to play PS3? Because if not, you might miss out on LBP2!
  11. Stephanie_Ravens's Avatar
    Happy pre-birthday :P

    Skydiving is fun! Just try to maintain a steady fall, hold arms and feet together to speed up and separate them to slow down, but you probably know that. Also, don't take anything with you that you don't want to loose xD
  12. Littlebigdude805's Avatar
    have you tried deflector ball yet? It's great get like 2-4 friends together and its a great time
  13. Catseyez's Avatar
    Try Grand Canyon Railway - checkout the level recommendations section. You could also try my King Kong Island of Terror too - lol
  14. Thegide's Avatar
    That's a bummer for sure. Are you wired or wireless?
  15. Hibbsi's Avatar
    The internet problem is a real bummer...
    But have a nice holiday!
  16. uncharted228's Avatar
    haha now i read your blogs :P Returning the favor...
  17. rseah's Avatar
    who wrote this im not sure ?
  18. dorien's Avatar
    Do you know who is posting this rock?????????
  19. gofurr360z's Avatar
    i agree. simply win. XD
  20. Coxy224's Avatar
    LOL, that is the most win thread ever
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