1. I couldn't resist...

    So I've been getting ready for the PS4 release as a new fan. I got my Vita and LBPV edition, I got the PS4 Pre-ordered on Amazon, and...

    What's this!?


    Can you guess what the file name is reference to? I'll be sharing information on that later (most likely in forums), but kudos to those who understand ;]
  2. Why haven't I seen this before?

    I know this is a very old video that has already been seen before so that's why I am posting this to my blog. Anyway, I was on the escapist youtube channel after being sent a video that Jim Sterling did on the Xb1. I got rather curious about Yahtzee views on LBP. I wasn't sure if he did more than just the first game, but I saw the review and wasn't that impressed. So I went to go look at the other stuff I found by searching "LittleBigPlanet" on their youtube channel. I found some more reviews not ...