1. Do people still make these?

    Just wondering.

    You know what? How about a little thing or so

    Looking back at how I used to be, wow I was extremely happy-go-lucky back then. I guess that kinda wore off over time. Nowadays I just feel "eh" and stuff. Funny how people change over a course of 3 or 4 years

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  2. Back! (again)

    hello my ones of fans (;- i am officialy back to the littlebigonlinecomunities of and LBPC central, and no, i promise i will not quit the second day i'm back like the other 10 times i've said i was back. one of my friends on psn said that he'll help me with logic so i don't make stupidly lazy poor-designed levels like the sackrace and Escapers, and if that does work, i'll just scavenge all the tutorials i can find. also, my old project "Alpha-whatever" is cancelled. and i have some other ...
  3. Back!

    yes!i'm back! i was gone because my Computer had a virus, but it's working again!!!!!

    plus, i have no more school!!!

    I have Modnation Racers!!!!

    And i will get a black wii!!!!!

    expect more blogs soon!
  4. My thoughts: Pokemon black and white

    every has seen the news of Pokemon Black and White? heres some things you miht want to look for.

    Isshu Region

    sources tell of the isshu region be between Johto and Hoenn, if thats true, I think we might go to ethier Johto or Hoenn...

    if not, then we might see team magma, Aqua, and Rocket all together in that reagion.


    it seenms ...
  5. New Blog here!

    yep, i'll start making blogs now, i'll try as hard as i can to update daily, lazyness, school, and no ideas will try to get the better of me, but i'll try as hard as i can to blog!