1. D-Boy's Blog- My User-Generated Levels

    Sup everybody? DaSackBoy here with just a list of my levels that I made, and wanted to Share them with you:

    One of my first levels- Wild Ride!: A simple roller on glass going down at high speed.

    My most Popular Level- Toy Car Race: A simple Car race racing to the finish to see who wins!

    My first (and only) Survival Challenge- ISSC Survival Challenge: A test of both gravity, and skill!

    And thats just a few of my levels (Because ...
  2. DBoy's Blog- LittleBigPlanet Pre-Alpha vs LittleBigPlanet

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    Sorry if this had been mentioned before, But, which version of LBP did you like better? The classic GDC 07 Presentation video demonstrates the first look at Sackboy, and, as we now call it, "The 50 layer glitch" was already in play in that version of the game. Whilst the final version, only gives you 3 layers of creating space. Thats just a "For instance" line.

    Which version did you like better??
  3. D-Boys Blog: I Need a Team

    Hey there blog readers. DaSackBoy here, with some sort of request. I'm asking ANYONE to be able to help me in a level series that I will be making in the future. (in till I get another PS3)

    Anyway, here are the requirements for you to be able to help me with my level(s):

    1. Must be familiar with simple logics, or complex ones.

    2. Must have a good sense of knowledge with the creator tools.

    3. Must be able to take a joke.
  4. Hello threre! First Post!

    This is my blog on LittleBigPlanet Central, and I hope that I get a few subscribers on it, here, I'll be giving out posts of my latest levels, tips and tricks, and a few awesome levels here and there, I hope you enjoy reading, thanks.

    -DaSackBoy, CS.