1. My youtube channel

    Well i made a youtube channel not too long ago, and i thought i would post it here,
    Check out the videos, i was going to post them in urls here but its easier just to head to my channel and look at them.

    Have fun D:
  2. My Comics

    Well I have sort of dropped Resistance 2, and somewhat LBP (in a weird way) I started making comics today, And it was just so much fun,! anyway, i made 12 comics my first day and i hope to keep making a ton , i dont have much else to say but GO HERE!
  3. Gamecube on my wii!

    Well my bro had a craving to get some gamecube games, so he went and bought Super Smash Bros, Luigi's mansion, and Zelda wind Waker.
    Well i have only been playing Super Smash bros so far and well so much memories!!

    anyway my cousin (older) has to stay at my house for a week, so i haven't been able to get on LBP to check how my levels are doing! But i have been told Life Of Toys 2 is on like page 4 of the cool pages
    I have finnaly found my psp and i have been playing ...
  4. Resistance 2

    Well i just bought Resistance 2 . It is an awesome game i have rented it before,
    The only reason i bought it was because it had a price drop so it was only 13$.
    This game is pure awesome, cooperative is awesome, i love the Special ops class the best
    They also have Chicago levels!
    The XP in the game is awesome too and there is a ton of stats, LBP1 and Resistance 2 should keep me entertained until LBP2.

    Anyway i am getting pretty annoyed by all ...
  5. LBP and Mini Ninjas

    I rented the game mini ninjas, The graphics are really cool/good. I played the game for a bit.. its pretty boring actually i feel as if im going to return it tomorrow. I beat the first 4 real levels and the fighting in the game is not fun and theres no hard jumps or anything or cool looking jumps. Not much of a fun game but im sure younger people would really like it

    Well i have been playing LBP A LOT!! I have made some pretty cool costumes. i have one with a really cool jacket ...
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