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  1. Ragnarok's Avatar
    What? :P didn't expected that?
  2. JspOt's Avatar
    O... K? 3:
  3. Ragnarok's Avatar
    I didn't got in the beta, can I be congratulated too? :3
  4. Make My Dinner's Avatar
    I think it's ripping off the donators. Oh, and no one likes me so I don't get rep
  5. Doopz's Avatar

    A huge thanks to me? What did I do?

    I think I gone losted ma memory....

    *Continues to bang head against brick wall* What?
  6. amazingflyingpoo's Avatar
    Thanks JspOt! It's really encouraging to know that there are people who liked the series enough that they want to see another installment even after a year without one
  7. VeRsioNs_Z's Avatar
    Okay, and who wants to have rootbeer? YOU DO! *Hands a gigantic barrel o rootbeer*
  8. VeRsioNs_Z's Avatar
    Your eleven? One thing we have in common, to add to the ever-growing pile. you have glasses? one more. Very dark brown hair? one more. List goes on and on from your Me picture. :P Nao, to eliminate any confusion, Im just stating facts. that happened for who-knows-what reason.
  9. JspOt's Avatar
    It's funny, I lost two teeth brushing 'em.
  10. VeRsioNs_Z's Avatar
  11. Blade Phoenix's Avatar
    i died laughing when i read this haha ... brush em or itll hapin in again in 50 or so years haha