1. im looking for an sandwich

    hello im HydraulicWaRiOr and im looking for an sandwich here is what my digestive system looks like:
    15 years old
    mouth is red colored
    still have tonsils
    broken front tooth
    no braces
    my esophagus is kind of long,emo looking,
    my stomach is pink with some acid and a thin line of mucus
    my small intestine is fairly long a few feet
    it goes into my large intestine and then goes straight out my you know what.
    im looking to find a nice PB&J or ...
  2. Having problems with my uncles girlfriend

    Lately ive been having large problems with my uncles girlfriend
    What are these problems you ask? shes a straight up b-word thats my problem. i totally and utterly hate her for all that she does. i have a whole list of issues with her.
    #1. She eats everything that belongs to me
    #2. Her brother is a perv, i caught him watching smut on my computer
    #3.her brothers are game hogs, i never get a chance to play when theyre around
    #4.She doesnt know **** about animals, is stupid, ...