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  1. super skarmory... he called me a noob.

    if you dont know about super skarmory or his website... you might not get this.

    a couple of weeks ago, me, spitty, and SS were in a brawl.

    now... i might add this is when i had just gotten my stuff back.

    i had chosen pokemon trainer, spitty had chosen falco, and he had chosen peach.

    i had started off with ivysoar, and then ended with charizard.

    i dint win the match but i got him down to one stock (when he had 3), while i ...
  2. spaff idea!!!

    the day that MM releases the collecters edition, we all get spaff costumes with the other dlc.


    its SPAFF!!!
  3. LIEK OMG TROPHY!!!!1!11!!111!1!!2! !one (not really)

    lately, ive been seeing nothing but posts like "im just here to get a trophy" on these blogs nowadays.

    okay, its nice that you have a trophy now, but your totally hogging up the room for the people that have really cool blogs that discuss about either lbp, or their life.

    honestly, if this doesnt stop, im going to ask the mods to take down the trophy feature of lbpc.

    lbpc is not for trophies, it is for talking with other sackpeople of all ages to discuss ...
  4. dear trolls...

    Look at your comment, now back to mine. Now back at your comment now back to mine. Sadly it isn't mine, but if you stopped trolling and started posting legitimate comments it could look like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You're scrolling through comments, writing the comment your comment could look like. What did you post? Back at mine, it's a reply saying something you want to hear. Look again the reply is now ...
  5. i have the itch of an artist... and it is really bugging me...

    well, lately, ive been making abunch of sketch art for my characters and stuff (stuff meaning things for lbp-lbp2).

    ive been drawing ALL week, and now im at the moment to where i just wanna draw whatever comes to mind.

    so sack brotheren and sisteren, tell me what to draw next.


    1. has to be LBP related. (it can even just be a pic of our two sackpeople hanging out)

    2. has to be funny/ entertaining (for me to draw it). ...
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