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  1. menudo's Avatar
    just to let u no its fixed! =p
  2. menudo's Avatar
    yeah, its happened to us all. when i went to reset my date and time the date was 12/31/1999!!! =D I was scared because i thought my PS3 was damaged 2. lets just pray it'll be over by friday. or i'm burning my PS3! XD
  3. Fading_Monkey's Avatar
    want to see your levels on you tube then search no more Fading_monkey here aka sepados an i bring you an opportunity for all up and comers to put there levels out there so hit me up with the message and it shall be done also tell a friend about us and if you want to play lbp with me hit me up my psn name is Fading_Monkey see you soon and remember dream forever![URL=""][/URL]