After losing my old data I have abandoned my old PSN (unitedstates12) and begun in a new campaign under a new name. alismuffin.
My aim: to become a legend creator

I'm limited to a psp for internet and unfortunately it wont let me submit my level in for feedback!
If u play it please give me feedback here! >.<

  1. Environment Tutorial

    Environment Tutorial
    by ali985

    PSN: Alismuffin

    LEVEL: Environment Tutorial

    There are countless methods of creating an atmosphere in LittleBigPlanet PSP. Some good, others bad. The part where most creators go wrong with is the utilisation of every single layer. In our little bundle of portable creating fun, otherwise known as LBP PSP, you are kindly given five layers. Yes thats right! Two thick layers plus three thin layers equals five! ...
    Tags: lbp, tutorial
  2. Ywmtmw

    omfg stayed up till 5am creating :O
    i think lbp psp is a bit too awesome for me. Anyways my newest level is Flintstone Car and now im currently deciding on a new vehicle to make for the YWMTMW vehicle competition. well off i go!
  3. Inspired, yet creators block

    I spent the majority of this evening reading up on tutorials, logic and tips and hints on LBPSP and i am most inspired! thanks to all the people who took the time to write all of it!
    Yet, though inspired, I am stumped for ideas for a new level. Actually I'm considering chucking a new tutorial together based on bg sound effects and how to fully utilise them. What do you guys think? My previous tutorials can be found under the PSN: unitedstates12