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  1. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    Say that again... Joking. What happened to LBP 5 Survivor? You don't exist...
  2. Dragonvarsity's Avatar
    Well I haven't posted all my interviews on this site like the one with Lockstitch, or Luos_Desruc, or gevurah22, or TOBSn08, or Duffluc, or RedShadow_88, and so on.
  3. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    Interview 38? You have 20 blogs... I love the interviews too... Join my group, it is about that contest...
  4. SteveBigGuns's Avatar
    Great interview! Black ops is awesome too.
  5. Alec's Avatar
    Brilliant interview! Keep them coming, I love reading them!
  6. AA_BATTERY's Avatar
    So thats why he dissapeared from SPORE, as did I xD
  7. Dragonvarsity's Avatar
    Well, it turns out Foto's level "Frightmares" was just put up a while ago, you can try it out now if you'd like
  8. Jaslow's Avatar
    I didn't know he got a PSN change.

    I loved Funktion Junktion, one of my favorite levels ever.
  9. Bang126's Avatar
    Nice Interview yet again many creators i never knew about next time im on ill have a look at some of Mr-T-shirts levels
  10. Mr_T-Shirt's Avatar
    D'oh. Gran Turismo 5 has been pushed back again! I've had to resort to getting Black Ops instead!
  11. Dragonvarsity's Avatar
    Thanks guys, glad you all liked it.
  12. Dragonvarsity's Avatar
    Okay, good. Also, there was 1, but they were just very busy and better safe then sorry, I don't think I'll mention who it is. When we run out of great creators....hmmmm..................I'll make sure they've all been interviewed, not fully sure. But for now, there are still a bunch of amazing creators I haven't interviewed like Rio_lotta, Captaincowboyhat, Hallm3, Aselrahc, TheManOfSteel3ko, etc.
  13. Ragnarok's Avatar
    It's pretty interesting as it is now,btw, what will you do when you finish interviewing all famous creators! O_O and has there been any creator that rejected being interviewed?
  14. Dragonvarsity's Avatar
    Thanks guys, I hope doing the same questions for each interview isn't too boring. I can change it to match the creator more, but might take a bit more time. What do you think?
  15. ShamgarBlade's Avatar
    Sweet!!! I was hoping you would do one for Mnniska! Mnniska's awesome!
  16. Ragnarok's Avatar
    Weird, I never thought Mnniska as a girl, anyway, I just know him because of that create mode level he made, some guy (that obviously didn't seem with the ability to make it) posted it as his own, I downloaded the level and found a Card where he placed his user name and some thanks for people that helped, the guy blocked his name with a black sticker, that's how i got to know about him!, good job with your levels, they are pretty cool!
  17. NinjaMicWZ's Avatar
    it's good to be versatile, man. i like everything from yoshi's island to ico
  18. zynax555's Avatar
    Lol, well my next level is like the complete opposite of Into the Castle Depths. It has a very happy tone to it and there aren't many puzzles. But I do plan on making another tough puzzler after I complete it, which will be very, very soon!!
  19. NinjaMicWZ's Avatar
    good interview. into the castle depths is like... part of an elite group of thematic puzzle levels. an exclusive club. i'm gonna keep an eye out for anything he publishes. if that level doesn't get spotlighted... pshhh

    heh @ don't use rain... yeah, seriously

    flowing water in LBP2 is pretty close to reality. there's an epic waterfall material, and water balls, which are basically paint balls made of water. though using water balls for sources of natural water can cause severe lag or as much thermo problems as paintball emitters; it definitely beats out gas and glass, and will end up being used in some cool stuff in the long run.
  20. Ninjaferret22's Avatar
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