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  1. Epic Quest Information

    Welcome to the official Epic Quest Blog where you can find all information regarding my level I created in the LBP which I called Epic Quest. In it, you are placed in a Kindgom that is under attack from an evil dragon "ClothScorcher". It's your mission to take out the dragon and get the reward at the end for doing so.


    The level consists of multiple paths, multiple secret areas, and one challenging dragon. Let's just say I don't always complete the level ...
  2. LittleBigZones

    Together in the LBPC Chatroom, DarkGod13 & I have came up with a HUGE idea. It was sparked from Code's [URL=""] LittleBigHome [/URL]

    There are 4 Simple Concepts I would like to introduce to you in order:

    1. [B]Environments[/B]
    2. [B]Leaders[/B]
    3. [B]Niches[/B]
    4. [B]The Map Grid[/B]

    But Before I introduce the concepts, here is an introduction:

    What are LittleBigZones, ...

    Updated 10-16-2008 at 11:05 PM by Marino

  3. Library of Switches

    Since we have a new Blog feature now, I figured I'd start it off with a bang. My current project is the Library of Switches, which I got up and running before the beta ended. It's still up, and I have no plans to remove it, so if you're interested you might want to take a gander. I've been updating it as much as possible, but obviously I run into other things that call my attention. Here's what I've got so far(which you can collect to use yourself if you'd like):
    One Use Switch
    Once this switch
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