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  1. Professor Cutscene

    Title has nothing to do with anything (again). Working on Crystal Crisis 2 mainly to spruce up bugs I never found while testing. The user Linneus (if that's how you spell it) has been a great help with the debugging. MY UNOFFICIAL TESTER. I just overhauled Scorpion Valley, removing a mini-boss fight, but adding an extra minute or two of platforming. I think it's for the best. The level had been disgracefully short since I chose not not include a midsection. This means Hero Academy is the only 3-parter, ...
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  2. bad guy

    working on my bad guy now
    but really have to look at thermo now
    need to keep enough space for all emitted items
    sofar it still works
    lol, just when u think u fixed all bugs, there will be always a new 1, hmmmmmmmmm
    luckely it was easy to fix
    big thx to all my testers
    but with the looks in part 1 i'm really happy now
    part 2 needs some more fiddling, but i try to make the gameplay first now, and only when i have enough of that, i'll start fiddling, ...
  3. finally

    finally working on final part

    still a lil uncomfortable with creating a factory
    but hey, have to start someday
    although still fine-tuning first part
    lol, every time i play it, i find something that can be improved
    but intro looks good now
    spend hours yesterday fiddling with cams
    some settings i had never used before, so a lot of time went into trying these out
    also did another 4 player test, level works
    had a good laugh too ...
  4. The Daily Laugh Blog#4

  5. Things in a Summer Level?

    So I'm making a level to celebrate... Uh summer and all, and I was wondering what sort of things should be in it. Obviously things such as palm trees and sand castles, but what else?

    The more abstract, the better!
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