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  1. Progess into the End

    It's been a while sense my last post to my blog, but in that time I have done significant creation towards my level! I've created several platforms that I will use for the level and the progress was going really well... at least until yesterday. It was yesterday that I witnessed my constant problem that I get from LBP: Creator's Block! It's a problem that I always get when my level it turning really well! I will constantly think about all the levels I have played that seem better and all the ...
  2. Glow World: First Glow-iversary

    It's been one year since I first published my Glow World level. I published it on July 3rd. So far, here's how it did:

    103 unique players
    47 yays
    22 hearts

    Apparently, I have exceeded the 100 player mark by the end of the year, but I failed to get to 50 yays or 25 hearts by the end of the year. I remembered that I talked about this level on the LBP2 forums when I was talking about if there are any restrictions to getting Mm Picked. Whoever said that Glow ...
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  3. The Daily Bardy Blog#21

    This Blog entry contains innapropriate content to little kids so keep out!

    Dont worry its nothing very bad... By the way this is a continuation of my #19 entry- after this its all I need advice with a girl and i would appreciate if you would write your opinion in the comments section. I would really appreciate it.


    In 8th grade there was a girl in 2 of my classes who did strange things around me...What do i mean?

    Once, ...
  4. Six months, no McDonald's

    It's been a while since I written my last blog entry, the one that criticized the disabling feature added in Update 1.12. Right now, I have to help two people on their Cross Controller Prizes, but I have been really busy this past month. When I said that I won't be posting frequently earlier, I believe I am right. I have been a very active poster, but more recently, I am becoming more inactive. The reason: I got this game called Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I have been very busy with it. What I am ...

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  5. The Daily Bardy Blog#20

    Hello, LBPC! Sorry the last entry was VERY long!lol. Also, sorry if this entry also seems automated. My #19 entry is still not done so i decided to divide it for now. Happy 1st of July! Anyway, lets get going!

    2.PS3 update

    The PS3 finally has a new update that fixes the bricking of consoles. Go to IGN if your PS3 is bricked to get directions to UNbrick it...yeah i was going to write more on this topic but since there is a new update...i guess i dont need I ...
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