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  1. A little lesson

    Once there was a guy that raged very often, got into fights, hurted people.
    One day his dad gave him an hammer and some nails and told him:
    "Everytime you get angry with someone, instead of raging go in the courtyard and put a nail in the fence"
    And so the guy started to do as his father said.
    First day he put 50 nails...second week 40 nails, always less and less until one day he stopped to rage and stopped to put nails in the fence, so he went to his dad and asked him ...
  2. Tod eines autors :-(

    karlo Fritzi Facebook. and SenneChuchi SEN are a person I have 2 accs manno what is going on I have only about 20 mm acc name is I am very creative to have a name, the error-mers who I am fascinated me as a customer you've lost and LBP3 order for the PS vita tells me from what I dan tad I can improve as senna maldet you please get it at once an author's life and death I'm scared please Irishman laughed at my acc :-(

    I use google translate Mm SORRY I miss you now by my frends
    Tags: manno
  3. Bastion

    Someone should make Bastion in LBP 2.
    It would be a good challenge for a voice actor, but if that perfect voice was found it would be amazing.
  4. Yet another backtrack...

    by , 02-23-2012 at 09:59 PM (Fang's Random Gibberish (LBPC Edition))
    Whelp... I'm grounded. For two C+s... bleh. I have no lbp access now and can access the web only via phone and school. ...I hope progress wont be hindered because of this...
  5. OBJECTION! (If you have any questions regarding the project, ask!)

    This is just an update for all you guys about our ace attorney fan fic

    we have completed up to the first testimony, though there are minor things that need fixing.

    I'm sorry for the long wait but school is taking up all of our time right now.

    And, I would also like you to know that we are doing our best to address lag issues this case has, however due to lbp's limitations, ...
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