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  1. LBP Quiz #5

    This is the layout of the fifth quiz on Little Big Planet, and the first quiz on Little Big Planet 2. Once again, it's a multiple choice quiz, and it's on the Story Mode from LBP2. Here it comes:

    1. Who is the boss of Little Big Planet 2?

    A. The Collector
    B. The Negativitron
    C. The Cakeling
    D. None of the above

    2. Other than the main boss of LBP2, who else did Sackboy have to fight?

    A. Spammers
    B. Hackers ...

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  2. LBP Quiz #4

    This is the layout of the last quiz for Little Big Planet 1, and the fourth quiz in total. The type of quiz is a classical one - Multiple Choice. The subject covered is the DLC for LBP1. Here is the quiz:

    1. Which of the following level kits isn't included in the Game of the Year Edition for LBP1?

    A. Pirates of the Caribbean
    B. Metal Gear Solid
    C. Monsters Kit
    D. History Kit

    2. Which level kit is unavailable for LBP1?


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  3. LBP Quiz #3

    This is the layout of the third quiz. The questions are going to be about the community from LBP1, and it has the easist quiz type - True or False. No explanation needed in your answers. Like last time and the time before, you can only play if you wish to. Here's the quiz:

    1. True or False? The rating system of community levels from LBP1 is based on a scale from 1 to 10.
    2. True or False? Any level you make and publish is a community level.
    3. True or False? You can ...

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  4. LBP The Lost Story: Fairy King's Crown (Dev Blog 2)

    To add or not to add that is the question

    With two levels out of 20 storyboards already done I'm beginning to wonder if I should add in a old friend I had created back in 2011 named Foofe.

    To me Foofe reminds me of Navi, from the Legend of Zelda


    I've spent alot of work on this lil Foof and most people will find it follows you extremely smooth like and I've added in 36 things Foofe can say according ...
  5. To Advanced Zombie Theory

    I Found my Zombie Survival Guide And its in Pretty bad condition . But it is to a far in time (The Present) For it to be any use to me. My level is set in the 19th Century, We didnt Use the stuff it tells you to use . Although I can still base my zombies on the ones in the book. Well atleast i can live through a Zombie Apocolapse Now with no Worries what so ever...As Long as Iv got my arsenal of Weaponry In mY basement with over 3 Scores Worth of food That has a "Best Before" Dates and Enough ...
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