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  1. Virtual Little Big Planet Reality - Epic dream ftw

    I tend to dream rather realistic and chaotic but more than often I remember my dreams and this one is probably one of the most epic dreams I have had this year.

    The LBP VR dream. (Virtual Reality)

    The first thing I can remember is seeing this plain grasslands where me, Frodofraggings (Joep), Leklack (Sanna) and a few others were supposed to create a small Gardens like village.
    (Mind you, we weren’t our sackboy selves, we were as we are in real life)
    I raise ...
  2. Things that I hate

    I have a list of who or what I hate. It's not that big, but I'll try not to be offensive. You probably guessed what I would hate judging by my posts on the forums, but I tell the truth in my blog more about what I hate and not on the forums. Oh, and if you are wondering, copied levels like Mortal Kombat, emo costumes, democrats, and that troll I mentioned a long time ago are not on this list. Just because a lot of people hate something doesn't mean that I do. I try to sympathize you guys and would ...

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  3. My decision on LBP

    I've decided that I am officially done with creating for Little Big Planet. As you see, I tried to do this just for an Mm Pick, which I could never get because I kept losing interest in a level I make. Each time when I make a level, I give up on making it. The only time when I didn't do that with a successful level is when I made my Glow World. StevenI even played it, but he didn't yay it. That means, it's not going to get Mm Picked, and I am done for that. I thought it would get picked because ...

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  4. The 2012 Election - Part Two

    I'm back to talk more about the election. It's not a good starter for a blog after the original 100 entries, but there's more interesting things. According to what I've seen, it looks like Obama is more likely going to win, but just because the election predictions say so doesn't mean it will happen. I know our country has been corrupt in the 1920's, and the Civil War was the darkest days in US history, but the Democrats and Republicans are completely far apart from each other. Nobody can compromise ...

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  5. lbp vita first impression: all of what you love, except for...

    As you guys know NA has received lbpv early

    Here are my first impressions on the game in terms of what you guys may and may not have heard of.


    The game is stunning. Shadows are crisper, textures are great, and models look fantastic.

    Unfortunatly, lighting doesn't have any fog options (oh well), and fire (no offence) looks dreadful (its the usual palette swap, but with WAY worse flame effects).

    The fire is ...
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