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  1. Great LBP Pinball Tables

    I play a lot of levels and one of my favorite types of levels is Pinball. I've played tons of these and have found a few that I really enjoy. So, since we have the new List feature on, I made a list of my top favorites. Have one that you like and I haven't see it? (unlikely) then post it here and let me know.

    Link to my List :
  2. Studio Quest Archive: Section I

    For the next 20 blog entries, I am going to talk about my game idea called "Studio Quest". This game idea is based off of the idea of Donkey Kong 64 and some early games by Rare Ltd when they worked with Nintendo. I enjoyed DK64 because you can collect golden bananas to unlock levels and you can capture fairies to unlock bonus features. I may have played LBP2 for a long time, but if there's any game better than LBP and LBP2 (as well as InFamous and InFamous 2), it's got to be Donkey Kong 64. I may ...

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  3. No more NDA!!!

    The LittleBigPlanet Karting NDA has now been raised! This means we can now talk about LBPK on the internet! I already have a video up on youtube so check it out! (PS. My first video had some mic issues due to my laptop fan, but my next episodes will be a lot better =D)

    If you guys have ANY questions needing to be answered, feel free to comment!
  4. My 60th blog entry

    The series of LBP quizzes is over, and I am at 60 blog entries now. I am over the half-way mark, but there's a lot to go.

    Since there's no specific subject about this entry, I can talk about the month of August. The mid-year months are over, and we are going to the last five months in 2012. Now one problem the US is experiencing is the drought. Last year, it was only Texas that took the pain. Now it's almost the entire country, especially the Midwest. During a drought, chances of ...

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  5. LBP Quiz #8

    This is the layout of the final quiz I made on anything for LBP. These 25 questions are about DLC for LBP2. The type of quiz is another True or False quiz, the easiest type of quiz that exists. Here it comes:

    1. True or False? There are only 3 level packs exclusively made for LBP2.
    2. True or False? Any level pack made for LBP1 cannot be played in LBP2.
    3. True or False? All of the level kits made for DLC include their own pin collections.
    4. True or False? The ...

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