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  1. LBP Quiz #1

    This is a layout of the first quiz I made about LBP. Even if the blogs are quiet doesn't mean I can't make an LBP quiz. You can read it, but you don't have to answer if you don't want to. There are eight quizzes of LBP, and the first one is on Story Mode from LBP1. This quiz is a fill-in (short answer) quiz where no two answers are the same. Here it comes:

    1. Which level are you introduced to explosives and how to use them?
    2. Which level is the only level with a three-player ...

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  2. Organizing my blog

    After writing 50 entries, I decided to organize my blog, splitting it into categories based on the order I written my blog. I gave my blog a name, added several categories to classify my entries, and changed the sidebar. All of the entries on this blog are classified by order. First ten entries go under the "Entries 1-10" category. The next ten go under "Entries 11-20" category. The next ten go under "Entries 21-30" category, and so on. I also summarize each category. I'm sticking with the blog ...

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  3. My 50th blog entry

    I never went this far in blog writing. Now, it's my 50th blog entry. I'm halfway there to the 100 entry mark.

    Recently, I was all about the cool pages and how bad LBP was doing since we had all these spammers on the cool pages. I also did bring up the Hedge Hopping incident. I hope Mm fixes Hedge Hopping. I also started a lot of threads on this website. I guess I should quit mentioning the cool pages on my blog and start going on the positive track. I also haven't mentioned South ...

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  4. Karting BETA experience so far (NDA)

    I know I'm not supposed to talk about the beta details (gameplay, logic, creating ect.) but I am allowed to talk about the features you guys already know from the trailers and interviews.

    So far I have played some of the gameplay and create mode. Its really fun! The carting gameplay is very well done and feels nothing like Modnation racers. It feels like LBP! The way sackboy bounces abound in his kart really makes it funny and light hearted. The weapons, grappling hook, bounce pads, ...
  5. Are the Cool Pages really heavily opinionated?

    According to Rule #8 on this website (I don't make the rules, but I do see something interesting), heavily opinionated content needs to be watched more carefully. All I knew from that rule is it includes religion and politics. Those two subjects are very taboo subjects, and the topics on religion and politics are banned in most locations. This includes voting booths, daycare centers, and some public places.

    Now, in my opinion, religion and politics aren't the only two heavily opinionated ...

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