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  1. in the spotlights;)

    i am very happy with maglia rosa having a honourable mention in Episode 104 of's Community Spotlight - Hubbie
    wot a very nice surprise
    btw did a small update on the lvl, from now on u can see the name of the music creator when the music changes.
    the lvl wouldn't be the same without these guys
  2. ;)))))))))))

    did it got pics in my album
  3. create am album?

    guess i'm hopeless
    tried to create an album
    given it a name, a description, uploaded pics
    somehow it didn't make an album
    got notifications of invalid adress
    tomorrow an other day, will try again

    grtz mirjan
  4. got my own profile picture now;)

    thanks u guys for helping me getting used to use this site
    especially biorogue

    as u can see, my profile is getting customized little by little, yay

    roamed around the general settings today, was much to be improved there too, from now i get a msg if someone replies. sounds simple to u guys, but for this old noob it's a whole new world

    i'm looking forward to meeting more nice sacks here

    grtz mirjan
  5. LittleBIG Portal Journal

    Hello LBP Central Community,

    My name is Pedro. I'm new here.

    I started a reddit thread recently, but because the LBP community isn't as strong there as I thought it might be, this is probably a better place to put all these things. I uploaded some levels recently, some of them in cynicism, but all of them incomplete. I'm getting to that age where my passion for videogames better turn into a career if I don't want to stop playing them. I'm currently studying art and ...
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