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  1. Studio Quest Archive: Section X

    Last time, I talked about the level Country Town, which is based on the show Town of the Country. Here's the next level:

    Galaxy Cruiser:


    Galaxy Cruiser is the space ship ran by a group of space rangers from Galactic Adventures. The space rangers explore different planets to fight the evil aliens and save the planets. Now this time, the evil aliens take over the Galaxy Cruiser, and it's all from the help of Larrybot. Even Marvin Snow is missing. ...

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  2. LBP The Lost Story: Fairy King's Crown (Dev Blog 5)

    Introducing Powers!

    Across this series Foofe your fairy companion will have something unique up her sleeves as she can absorb shards of the Negativatron's heart to gain powers. Think it as Foofe being Tinker Bell's Fairy dust making others able to fly.

    The reasons for these powers is that it will affect gameplay and make new opportunities for the player to play ...
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  3. plodding along

    So I've actually been working on this a little bit. The going is slow but at least it's going. I added a little bit more and know that I'm still a long ways off from where I want it to be, but at least I'm a little bit closer than before.

  4. My 70th blog entry

    I'm officially at the 70 entry mark. 100 entries isn't far away. It looks like I'm tied with a_mailbox when it comes to writing entries, and I'll surpass him if I continue. I'm not trying to be competitive, but I'm saying that because I have gone far. Now what about BLAHBLAH1000? He hasn't written an entry in a while, and I thought he likes blogging. I'm not trying to be bossy, but I would like to see another entry. And bigl0uc0ntra is writing an entry everyday too. That's good for him. I'm not ...

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  5. Studio Quest Archive: Section IX

    Last time, I talked about the level The Deserted Park, which is based on the show The Urban Legends. Here's the next level:

    Country Town:


    Country Town is the main town from Town of the Country. It was about rivalries with the Country Town and the surrounding neighbors, and this is in the US South. Now this time, they are in truce, because all five towns are facing a bigger threat - Monster Wolf. What's even worse is that the cowboy legend, ...

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    Entries 61-70
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