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  1. 1st blog(new level)

    Im posting this to tell yall that i have just posted another new level please try! I worked on it for a while and i would appreciate if the lbp community fans would try it out psn name- r2ro143 have fun!! ( chemical lab)-(new level)

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  2. New Batman!!

    I am just back from seeing the new Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises". I Have to say better than i thought it would be. But it doesnt even live up to "The Dark Knight" In my overall Opinion. As there is big hype over this film I will not spoil it over the interwebs.... Overall 8/10
  3. To Delete, Or To Keep

    For a competition I made a racing level, and it was based on TNM Nations Racing. I Didnt finish it in time as there was alot to do, and i only found out about the competition until 2 weeks till it finished. But LP Karting is coming out and quite obviously it wont compare to that?? I am wondering whether i should bin this project or to keep it? an work on it???
  4. Organizing my blog

    After writing 50 entries, I decided to organize my blog, splitting it into categories based on the order I written my blog. I gave my blog a name, added several categories to classify my entries, and changed the sidebar. All of the entries on this blog are classified by order. First ten entries go under the "Entries 1-10" category. The next ten go under "Entries 11-20" category. The next ten go under "Entries 21-30" category, and so on. I also summarize each category. I'm sticking with the blog ...

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  5. My 50th blog entry

    I never went this far in blog writing. Now, it's my 50th blog entry. I'm halfway there to the 100 entry mark.

    Recently, I was all about the cool pages and how bad LBP was doing since we had all these spammers on the cool pages. I also did bring up the Hedge Hopping incident. I hope Mm fixes Hedge Hopping. I also started a lot of threads on this website. I guess I should quit mentioning the cool pages on my blog and start going on the positive track. I also haven't mentioned South ...

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