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  1. Lbp 3 and us

    Hell-ow Everyone.

    This blog is for all that have a feeling in your stomach and really need to talk about LBP 3.

    With your permission I will start first.


    1.- Since LBP 1, I told my friend.... "If LBP 2 doesnt have more than 3 layers I will not buy it, there is no reason for it. But what happened. I saw the logic this incredible add that makes BOSS sequence ...
  2. Mdkd99: My eighth blog

    Hello dear LBPC user,
    I have some news about Battle with zombies:

    - After 'UNDEAD NIGHTMARE' was published,the three BETA levels are finished.Now I will begin to make a new Battle with zombies level.

    - Now I will add new guns,new explosives,new kind of zombies,bigger maps,locked map setions,which you can unlock with points and I will make a new level,which is going to be the menu of all...

    - Maybe I will delete the BWZ INFORMATION BOARD...

  3. The Five Creators I Want to Work with in LBP3

    Numba 5.


    Ayneh is a rare breed. I havent spoke with him as much, but he actually made some contributions to my RPG that he may have forgotten about. We also were a part of the FF VII project that sadly got disbanded a couple years ago. With my logic, and Ayneh's skill with artwork, it wouldnt take a long time to make an RPG that is all from sprites or maybe even material ...

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  4. Late night blog post.

    Just about to catch some Zzz, but before I do, I wanted to know if anybody wanted bacon.
  5. 1 Year Anniversary in the Spotlight Crew!

    Hey folks!

    Today marked a really special day for me! It was today I got a DM from bioswoop about joining the tireless LBPCentral Spotlight Crew on the LittleBigPlanet 2! As much as it was a big surprise, I was actually waiting for a yes to be on the LBN Picks Team, which I got as well but I spent a majority of my time on LBPCentral. In celebration, I'm making a blog post of my experience!

    It was the day before University started, which is easily how I remembered the ...

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