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  1. A furturistic platformer ( Part 2) Review

    Sackboy's big adventure: perfect future.

    After I am done with the annoying jetpack part, I finally get to this controllnator.

    Soon a scoreboard comes, and the game ends. Overall, I say this level was good, but could use a lot of improvements, like I thought the jetpack section was too hard, and not very fun, due to the awkward controls, and you had to ...
  2. How much differences you think Lbp3 on ps4 will have with the ps3 version?

    We all know the best version will be the one for the ps4, but what for the people who can't buy a ps4 yet, just the less cool version of the game, it will be the same thing or the ps4 features will be too much better?
    That's something doesn't let me sleep,
  3. Anyone need a help?

    Hey there, LBPC!

    If anyone needs help making a level (or they just want someone to play with) in LBP2, I'll be more than willing to help

    My PSN ID: alieninators
    Tags: create, lbp2
  4. Pumped for LBP3!!!

    I cannot wait til LBP 3 releases! Im so pumped to see the new features and fun story mode in the game
  5. RPGP Entry 17: Forks in the Road

    This is going to be a boring post, but if for some reason you feel like reading ahead, go for it. The only thing might barely be interested in is this:
    This is a link to the bot testing area that I use. You'll probably be disappointed in the lack of features that work well on this bot as of yet but I decided the best way to get feedback is to have people test. So what the heck!
    Anyways, on to different business. The struggles. It's not so much ...
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