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  1. YoungMDKD's blog nr. 4 ,,A big tank in LBP Vita"

    Hey guys,today in this blog I show you what you can do in
    LBPVita,than you can think about following:
    "Can I do more in LBPV or in LBP2?"

    It's a very large tank,compared to the sweet and small Sackboy.With a rocket gun,a sentry gun,lowrider wheels,rockets for faster driving and a time bomb launcher this is a very cool tank.
    It takes 1 minute to place it in a level,because the tank is so large.
    Tell me what you think
    Creation Ideas
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  2. What really grinds my gears about RPGs in Littlebigplanet 2

    Everytime I mention RPG in littlebigplanet to people, its instantly categorized as a long boring quest full of endless dialogue and fetch quest. Why do all LBP games do this?

    It all started with Littlebigfantasy, which kinda started the trend. Littlebigfantasy was first and foremost a concept( and a great one at that). It hard to blame a game for only having one battle as, even I, at the ...
  3. Wow, it's been a looong time!

    Yep, I haven't been posting ANYTHING on this forum in ages! Forums were slowly getting boring to me back in 2012 so I haven't been doing much.

    Anyway, how are you guys? I've been hard at work, creating levels in LBP Vita and composing music in LBP2. I have a level coming up in LBP Vita, which so far, I am VERY proud of. I am hoping to get a Team Pick with this level as well!

    I'm also glitching in LBP of course, but not so much.
  4. My 160th blog entry

    160 blogs?! Wow! I may have slowed down since I didn't blog that much last year, but I have to admit being competitive. It's already 2014, and I am still in the second 100 entries since 2012. So yeah, I may not be interested into blogging as much, but I still got some things to say.

    Recently, after watching the movie Frozen, I was not only a fan of that movie, but I was obsessed with comparing Disney movies, as well as talking about some little details. I also realized that the animated ...
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  5. Giving This a Try


    Apparently, that is the date that I joined LBPC. That makes for five years on this site.
    Wow does that not feel correct.

    It doesn’t help that I was not exactly active here for the vast majority of that time. Even now, I wouldn’t exactly say it is so. After all reader, are you here because you know me from my oh so numerous escapades around the site, or because you happen to stop by? Either way, congratulations, you win an anecdote. And a cookie. ...
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