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  1. I couldn't resist...

    So I've been getting ready for the PS4 release as a new fan. I got my Vita and LBPV edition, I got the PS4 Pre-ordered on Amazon, and...

    What's this!?


    Can you guess what the file name is reference to? I'll be sharing information on that later (most likely in forums), but kudos to those who understand ;]
  2. Heres a great level idea

    Something that isn't copied, what ideas do you the reader have?
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    Level Ideas
  3. Play with more players at the same time

    If I had to propose an idea in designer for LittleBigPlanet 3 it would be to have the possibility of playing more than four players.
    I always found it's a pity of step to be able to play with more than three players and sometimes some of my friends it deprived because of this blocking, will have you he an improvement on LBP3 concern this subject?
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  4. Gallery Musical

    Since I had my first Musical Sequencer on LittleBigPlanet 2 I was only Collecting in the fur is for measure a large number of sequencer, today I noticed that creator's musical large number one to stop or are moved on! I said myself " Why not not their to pay tribute " it would be an excellent idea! We have all to use a sequencer which vener of another creator for ambiancer our levels? Without them the levels of front or of today would have a strong resemblance! You think of it what ?
  5. getting to show you guys my amazing level i created

    hey guys and i have a level that you can check out its downtown platformer and u can spotlight it if you want for a showcase. i like to show everyone my level that i made and hope to see how you guys like it. i worked hard on it and took me 2 months to fully complete it. whatever you guys do with my level whether you spotlight it in a showcase or in a little big network picks or little big forums picks. hope you guys like this and have fun.
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