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  1. RPGP Entry 9: Back From My Hiatus

    Well it has been a while, huh? I haven't been entirely absent in LBP this entire time but my level hasn't progress over the two month absence. I was at camp for one of those months and the other was spread from 2 weeks preparing and 2 weeks recovering. Now I am back on the project and back in LBP! The level is still probably never going to be finished based off of what I see I've done but I did finally get past a problem that I had been trying to solve for weeks.
    Yep, ...

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  2. How To Paint A Sound!

    1: Add imagination
    2: Put Love/Happiness
    3: Dance with it by Dubstep
    Annd you are done! Good luck
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  3. RPG Development Blog - Post 2 - Attack Scaling/Chest Randomization & Scripting

    Currently, there are five tiers of damage that you can inflict upon enemies. Tier 1 with a base damage of 10, Tier 2 with a base damage of 25, Tier 3 with a base damage of 50, Tier 4 with a base damage of 100, and Tier 5 with a base damage of 250. To encourage upgrading of your spells, which upgrades your tier damage, each Tier has a different damage maximum limit. So Tier 1 scales to a maximum of 1000 damage, where as Tier 2 has a maximum of 2500 attack and so on. I did this to prevent the spamming ...

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  4. RPG Development Blog - Post 1

    I'm going to start a little blog to chart the progress of the game I'm making. Here's the first post, hopefully many more to come!

    Here is the teaser page for the project I'm referring to:

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  5. "Do you fear Death?" - the essence of 10 months... in 3 minutes

    Hi friends,

    now its been time to introduce my project to a broader audience and what would have made more sense than doing a little trailer! Doing little trailers is fun and seeing the result is amazing! The essence of 10 months hard working in a trailer of 3 minutes! Really amazing! be continued!

    EDIT: oops! I've just noticed some misspelling, ...

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