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  1. kevinkillr1's corny blog! starring.... ME!

    Well if my fantastic title didn't scare you away and you're still here, then welcome to my blog! Anyway, I'm just going to be rambling on in this blog. So basically I've been working on a huge level series! Can't wait to finish it! I have been posting a lot of screenshots lately! Well, I guess I'll give you guys some new ones.


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  2. This isn't goodbye....

    Just wanted to officially thank the LBPVita community for all the love and feedback I've received over the last few years.

    My Vita has died and it may be some time before I can fix it or get a new one. It's hard to be unhappy about it, I literally played LBPV every day for almost 2 years straight.

    I made some great new friends, supported quite a few new creators and even got to take part in the Vita Christmas Countdown in 2012.

    In my opinion, the Vita ...
  3. Does anyone miss me?

    It's me, Apple2012. Today is the first day in a long time where I'm writing a blog here. Sorry if I haven't been here too often this year, especially for the last three weeks. The problem here is that Little Big Planet has not been a big interest of mine very recently, especially since I have no interest in making levels. When LBP3 comes out, I'll be here more often, but I would also talk about LBP3 on one of the forums from the site I've been hanging out on more - Bell Tree Forums.

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  4. Close Your Eyes Lost List

    I know I've mentioned writing a LOT of information regarding Close Your Eyes, and that's not a lie. There are a total of 46 creatures I'd written up information for, so I thought I might share a few that you've seen in LBP, as well as upcoming ones, and ones which didn't make the cut.

    The Lost - The generic term for the creatures as a whole. They are otherworldly beings, and a physical manifestation of humanity's fear. The greater the fear, the more powerful the Lost. They cannot ...
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  5. mdkd99 -My twelfth blog


    Hi,I've got news for BWZ.

    - I think the release date of 'snow base' is going to be at the end of october...

    - I think I'll add 2 more guns.I recently added 4 guns to the list.

    - My real life is better now.I was a little bit confused about some 'school things'.Everytime this school,right?...

    - I've got to say,that it's awesome,how many views these blog entrys get.I mean,my sixth blog has got more than 4000 views,I ...
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