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  1. The way of the Music

    Blog I

    Heya! As some of you know, I'm making lots of music in LBP 2. I've made something about 57 Music Sequencers in my level (which I only use for making music, not going to publish it) and 1 Music Gallery! Castlevania Music Gallery Castle. It's my first music gallery, contains something about 13 songs and I finished it on January 26th 2014.

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    It's pretty much running forward and hearing songs, nothing else. I was making ...
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  2. My level series

    I have made a series of levels for Little Big Planet 2 called the runners I will remake them for Little Big Planet vita and I might remake them when Little Big Planet 3 here is my profile: thanks for reading my blog goodbye

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  3. My first blog

    this is my first blog and I will most likely use these blogs to tell people about levels I have published in little big planet 2 and little big planet vita also here is my profile or if you want to find me in game just search up thecaz72 thank you for reading my blog thesparklingbluepo out
  4. mdkd99 - My eleventh blog


    Hey guys,I've got some news about BWZ.Here's a list of guns:

    - M1911
    - Shotgun pistol
    - UZI
    - Micro SMG

    And here's a list of perks:

    - Faster walking
    - Faster reloading
    - More grenades
    - Hardness

    And I'll change something on the controls:

    You will now use the knife with the L button.You will now walk faster with X...

    - Another thing:My real life is a little bit ...
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  5. I got a fancy new 3Doodler pen!

    Welp! After a trip to the World Maker Faire on Saturday, I picked myself up a 3Doodler, so that way I can draw my creations into the real world!

    What is the 3Doodler you ask?

    The 3Doodler is the world's first pen that can draw real world objects using melted plastic!

    When I first used the 3Doodler, I accidentally burnt a tiny bit of my skin because I wasn't paying attention and touched the, "VERY HOT!!" as the box says, tip on the pen where the plastic ...
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