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  1. Better Late Than Never - Entry Number 2

    This entry is slightly overdue, but as they say, better late than never

    I've made some reasonable progress in my quest to re-establish interest in the LBP franchise. I called out to the folk on the Little Big Planet community page on PS4, inquiring for anyone who might be interested in creating. And someone actually replied! Whoopee! I would say their online ID, but that might be a bit rude (but also, I can't remember, it being a new name and all, lol).

    We decorated ...
  2. Unnecessarily Ranking: Speeds of Phrase

    Every once in a while, someone will estimate the time needed for them to perform a given task by using some arbitrary idiom? I am interested in how fast those phrases actually are. Though, to be clear, this is only in relative terms and for a very limited number of them. I am far too lazy to take on finding some exact, quantifiable number for the speed of every expression. Instead, here is a rough rundown of a few of these phrases as I try to determine how they could be ranked. All of this based ...
  3. E3 Recap: Sony/Playstation

    The Playstation event begins proper with an orchestra playing the theme from God of War, a tune so memorable, nobody knows what it is at the time. This reaches its apex when a woman beating a drum accompanies her fellows with what many consider to be a skilled vocal performance. However, reports later reveal that she had something stuck in her throat at the time and was actually in very real danger of asphyxiating. Fortunately, she was able to dislodge the obstruction in time.

    The ...
  4. To Metaphor Me

    This is a disaster. It should be too.

    You're saying it should be a disaster?

    You misunderstand me. This needs to be too.

    Two? That's a stretch. I don't think you know what you're talking about.

    What? No! Too. You put a to there when it should be too. What you have is undisputed chaos.

    I would say that it's pretty disputed.

    Look. Just listen to me.

    Wait, am I looking or listening? ...
  5. Informal Suit Studio - Jobs

    Jobs List:


    - Top down logic maker [Valuable]

    - Fighting game maker [Valuable]

    - RPG logic maker

    - Spionage logic maker [Valuable]

    - Calculator maker [Valuable]

    - Operative system (OS) maker [Valuable]

    - Zombie logic

    - Run 'n' shoot game maker

    - FPS Shooter game maker

    - Logic teacher

    - Survival logic maker
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