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  1. Project: Jukebox Update 7

    Just a quick update, but I had a few moments to work on the design of my jukebox and just played around a bit. It is nothing too spectacular, but here is what I have achieved so far.

    I spent too much time creating the look of the jukebox when I could have went through all my decorations. I eventually found a decoration of the lighting that was perfect, so I slapped that onto my boxy-looking item.

    One thing ...

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  2. Some game design stuff

    Just some random thoughts on game design while I'm sleepy and stuff...

    A game isn't the idea behind it (and how much thought you gave it) or the coat of paint (visual theme, texture resolution, quality of particle effects, ect.). A game is about interaction and action. As such, it can easily be held back my clunky animation, wonky camera and framerate will feel like a bad experience. Similarly, a basic good gameplay still have to be there. If you can make the gameplay unique through ...
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  3. mdkd99-Blog 22


    Hey guys,it's early in the morning and I wasn't able to sleep...
    But still I wanted to make some stuff on my level...

    - Gun sounds for the M1911 (standard gun) are changed again...

    - The zombies are not that smart.But they are able to go into open door ways,well sometimes.It is not the best technology,but it's a start!
    So all in all they will turn back and try to follow you again.

    - Sound changes at the wind ...
  4. LittleBigPlanet 3 In Christmas

    I am delighted to be able to have LBP3 with Christmas!
    I would never have believed to have the possibility of the credit note so fast, I am going to be able to launch on YouTube to share my passion of LBP with the world !

    Only one fear which I have know that we refuse me because of copyright, I hope all the same to be lucky enough to make a success.

    I look forward to returning in this world who my so much make dream !
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  5. Is this pic funny?

    it's of me surfacing on the water in my lbp3 game.
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