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  1. 2 new levels

    hello everybody I have made two new levels one called creation station and another one called the water temple here is my profile go check them out if you want and if you want to see me building them check out my youtube ( ) channel bye for now
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  2. LBP3 will inspire millions

    Well I have played and enjoyed LBP1/2 since they were released and LBP games will always be the only games I will pre-order still to this day they are the only games I have ever pre-ordered. I know I haven't posted allot on LBPC but that's because I never needed to. I always wanted to make something truly great ever since LBP1 and I never really had the tools or the community encouragement to do so until LBP2 was released. Then in LBP2 I was truly able to create the things I always imagined and ...
  3. mdkd99 - My seventheenth blog


    - The level design of 'snow base' is still not finished,but I have some pictures about the level design (The HUD isn't changed,because of the save problems some weeks ago)...

    - Here are the pictures:


    - Soon I will start the programming of the HUD,more guns and perks...

    - The new grenade is finished.I'm not sure,if the sounds could be better to the ...
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  4. My Top 3 Favorite Levels Of The Week (Week 0)

    This will be where I post my favorite levels of the week! They can be from any game!

    What I am looking for:
    1) Good craftsmanship - Made it look nice.

    2) Thought - Didn't just slap it together.

    3) Creativity - Didn't make it boring, or dull.

    Good luck!
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  5. Space Station [1p] by gjmhhbb

    Space Station [1p]

    Welcome to the sack-threatning Space Factory! It has been leaked with a radioactive hazard. Journey through this dangerous factory with your Grappling hook, Grabinator and your Hero Cape skills!---

    Skip to 0:53 to not see the dying parts of the video.

    Updated 2 Weeks Ago at 10:30 PM by Darthvadre11

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