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  1. heart felt encouragement for anyone who happens to need it.

    please... consider this:
    The crappy stuff is always the loudest, and most visible. Jealousy, greed, effed-up behavior in-general. It blares in our ears, eyes, and minds. and, if you let it, it can echo from mouth to ear, to heart, and over again until it seems like that's all there is.
    But there's more. It's quiet, and It never gets shown on the news, and doesn't come up when people ...
  2. random blog because i havn't done one yet so yeah this title is really long.

    HTML Code:
    font face="calibri" font size="3"
    wait is HTML codes even on OK whatever
  3. Obligatory nth Post: The 10th Post

    What has it been now? Nine months?

    Yeah, I think it might be time to bring this sucker back.

    But what to write? A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. Iíve changed as a person. Iím not particularly active on this site anymore, mostly because Iíve been on this other site that exists. While there, I was able to settle some residual writing itch with Weekly Gaming Discussions (the term weekly is used very loosely). However, other than that, I really havenít ...

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    Obligatory nth Posts
  4. Dev Theory 1: What makes an RPG and why doesn't Littlebigplanet have more of them?

    Its taken me a long time to define RPG. What the heck is it? I mean we hear it all the time in new projects, released projects and dozens of levels with the abbreviation of role playing game everywhere and I cant help but feel, we as a gaming community have forgotten the definition of RPG. Take a moment and ask yourself, "what ...

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  5. Mopin' And Dopin' Around...

    Sorta ironic that I said I'd be around a lot more often, yet here I am skirting around once again. I will say that's in part to the shame I always get when I don't complete something on time or when things don't work out like I thought they would (i.e., the latest Haunt; I won't take a year to finish this one, though... hopefully). Sorta like that shame walk from Game of Thrones, you know?

    Truth be told, I'm also getting a bit nostalgic. I remember years ago, heck even last year or ...
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