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  1. Hint That LittleBigPlanet Hub is Coming Soon!

    When the new update for LittleBigPlanet 2 was released a few weeks ago, I was baffled. I didn't really notice any changes, and LBPWiki was not online so I could not check there. I just noticed something, though! (You may already have noticed this if you like to join or invite your friends a lot)

    1. Open the pause menu by clicking start.
    2. Go to Friends.

    The menu says that "<number> friends are playing LittleBigPlanet 2 or LittleBigPlanet Hub"! ...
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  2. RPGP Entry 8: Status Afflictions

    Just a quick blog post despite being absent for about 3 weeks. Don't worry, I still was making ideas and slowly keeping track of the project meaning there's no catch up time since I didn't stop (I just stopped with the blogs which might still be the case until May 1st for regular updates).

    Anyways onto the meat of this blog post. Status Afflictions! Yes, enemies can cause status afflictions! What kind of RPGP would this be without them? The only kind I guess... but here we go! ...
  3. (Internet Issues) Hey-O

    Hello LittleBigPlanet Central, I'm Foofing... Tikaki's Roommate... I'm most like a casual gamer as i am one... The only games i play is LittleBigPlanet, That's it just LittleBigPlanet. (NOTE TO SELF: Get more games)

    Well that it... I could't come up with an- WAIT A SECOND! I totally forgot, I draw anthro poines (BTW: I Watch MLP:FIM) and i also draw my Level Icon, Profile Picture, And My Level Concepts and i also work with my... Master (Tikaki-MooMoo)

    Okay That's It! ...
  4. Chrono Chrysalis Announcement Trailer

    Chrono Chrysalis has released its first trailer. I think if the past events surrounding the project is any indication, the game was earlier than I may have originally thought. Theres so much more I can polish and there has to be a cutoff at some point. After solving Chrono Chrysalis's freezing issues, I can safely say I can finish the game like I want to. If you havent took a peak at the thread already, here is a video teaser. If only to ...

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  5. The Late Bardy Blog#70- Noah movie review part 1

    Hello, guys its me Sonicthefellow7. I have decided to make my own Blogger account using my Google user. Blogger is a free blog website that is connected to your Google + account. I will stop making blog entries like this on LBPC. Starting tomorrow, blog entries on here will strictly only be about LBP. You can follow me online here:

    Please tell me if link doesnt work. My new blog: ...
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