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  1. Are you Top 2% of the world?

    The following riddle can be solved by about 2% of the worlds population.
    Try your luck and if you think you did it commet your solution and aill answer you in a private message if its right or wrong.

    The Situation
    -There are 5 houses in 5 different colors.
    -In every house lives a person from a different country.
    -Each of them has a special drink, cigarbrand and pet.
    -Nobody has the same drink, cigarbrand and pet-

    -The ...
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  2. What Kind of Madness is THIS!?

    by , 10-20-2011 at 03:54 AM (Fang's Random Gibberish (LBPC Edition))
    {rant about my life]

    OMFG.... I just finished taking photos for my Photography class. OMFG, it was hard as a diamond crusted diamond. It took me like, idk, 3 HOURS to get my sisters to cooperate, since they were the only other ones close by I knew to take pics of.

    My younger sister is 3, so literally it took FOREVER for her to position right AND to actually GET EYE CONTACT!

    My other sister, it was just STUPID. She says she doesn't want to "waste time" ...
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  3. Enemy AI

    So if you read the previous post, you'll have seen that for my new level, I would want to put in Enemy AI for multiplayer. Well, that's easier said than done... so, I would like to ask if anyone would care to help out and make one for my Multiplayer FPS! Anyone? Anyone at all? If oyu would like, send me a message here and/or on PSN (preferably PSN). I might not get back to you for a little, but I'll try my best.
  4. Multiplayer FPS Arena Update 14 (Improvements)

    Hey guys. SO I guess I know something that I could have done for the Multiplayer FPS. Actually, a few things. A lot of things, actually......... -sigh- Well, I'm gonna put in a few different things in the future, and I'm going to update the level. I'll be making a new blog for that, but it'll basically be me updating the level with these things:
    Different GUNS with different stats, and different loadouts.
    Different PERKS to put on your character.
    CHEATS to use for added fun. ...
  5. Lookin' for peole to join...

    ...Bullet Hole Productions! We make movies and a few playable levels here and there! Well, I've lost our best members so we need a few more! It's easy to get into and there are lots of fun stuff to do! We have a creation station where we come up with new ideas for levels or just hangout! If you're looking for friends then we'll hook you up with some of our other members! Anyone who joins in the next month will get a spot in the secret project I'm working on called...

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