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  1. Wow

    hey guys i like to ask a ? im thinking of starting fresh and deleting all my friends on psn
    and all my levels and my account and start a fresh lbp2 and lbp1 life should i? im very confused
    all my friends treat me mean and rude every 1 hate my lvls even though they are really good
    and i only get 40 or 30 plays and i play sucky levls they get 1000000000000 plays and are sooooo trashy its awful and everyone loves those lvls what is happing to LB2 AND LBP1 ...
  2. I will earn lbp2!!!

    I'm so happy! Thanks to my stepfather!
    Tags: oh happy day
  3. Hectic Happenings

    First, I want to say thank you to RickRock_777 for helping me organize this dang blog. Thank you Rick.

    I knew going in that this was going to be one busy week, but not this dang busy.
    We had the county fair and rodeo coming up so we had to make preparations for that as my oldest kid was showing rabbits. This will be her 7th time showing rabbits and usually does pretty well.

    So that's going on and then my twins' soccer coach decides that we need to have a scrimmage ...

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  4. Some level ideas i didn't bother posting anywhere else.

    Yeah, so, I've always wanted to make this huge world level where the objective is not to platform your way through but finding items and mix em all together to solve puzzles. Going back to old places you've already been to and finding upgrades etc etc.

    I've imagined it as a fancy animation all the way though the level, and you control the character with either the left-right sticks and pressing square to interact ...
  5. Are you Top 2% of the world?

    The following riddle can be solved by about 2% of the worlds population.
    Try your luck and if you think you did it commet your solution and aill answer you in a private message if its right or wrong.

    The Situation
    -There are 5 houses in 5 different colors.
    -In every house lives a person from a different country.
    -Each of them has a special drink, cigarbrand and pet.
    -Nobody has the same drink, cigarbrand and pet-

    -The ...
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