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  1. The Bomb Factory

    On top of the collab, I am making a level, a big complicated one, and I want it done by may and I have hardly even started! Its some long nighs for me then!
  2. Latest level

    Hey, Dyna here, just like to say about my new level, The Chamber of Fire.
    You start of in a jungle, which is mostly platforming, and you get to the Chamber, which is mostly puzzle but it has a bit of platforming. Making a new level called Sectus Kiev, but thats going to be all secrets...
  3. Favorite LVs

    Hi there just want to start a discussion about your favorite or one of your favorite Lvs and what do you like about them.
  4. Magical Musical Fruit!

    The first puzzle section for the level is now done. There'll be some tweaks no doubt, and the cutscenes are yet to be started, but the puzzle functions well enough with a normal sackboy, and will hopefully have no issues when the player is playing as Printz.

    The puzzle is really very simple, but a nice little mechanic to get players into the main portion of the level. It involves finding good apples vs bad apples. The good apples, when grabbed, will reveal the bad apples to the player ...

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  5. Secrets of Science - Chapter 2 Development diary! Part 3

    Almost there..

    (again.. darnit.. stuff vanishes in photos! There's a tube missing!)

    The amount of tweaking that goes into this project is absolutely painstaking.
    Playtest on my own, edit, harass some friends into playtesting with me, edit, tweak, rebuild, playtest again.

    But it's neccessary.

    Even though I was hoping that I would be able to publish by the ...
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