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  1. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh

  2. oh poop

    The Box of Dynamite MTG entery is having a bit of trouble form you guessed it...
    the psn shut down.
    It's just me for now...
    Working on the remaining 4 levels needed to finish...
    ya this is going to be fun isn't it :/
    I mean really, on easter long weekend of all weekends :/
  3. What I'm working on

    II started making a new level called 'shooter' a few days ago and my PS3 Died and I lost everything. So, I went through LBP1 and reaced all the levels and collected all the items. I went through and reaced ALL the LBP2 levels again (curse you where in the world is Avalon Centrifuge!)

    Now after two 5-hour session of creating, Shooter is now complete, but now the Playstation Network is gonna be down for a day or two... Why can't I catch a break?!?

    I love my new level ...
  4. My clan the Creator's Clan

    Hi LBPC, i'm ZeusInTraining and I'm new to LBPC. I'm also co-creator of the Creator's Clan (with MonkeyBananas). we have about 30 members so far and more are joining. It is very relaxed and fun being part of the Creator's Clan and all the members are 1 big family. You are welcomed in no matter what talent you have (music, reviewing, logic, ect.)We are working on a 18-level clan project involving time traveling called The Time Chronicles that is currently in progress. I want to tell you though we ...
  5. The Bomb Factory

    On top of the collab, I am making a level, a big complicated one, and I want it done by may and I have hardly even started! Its some long nighs for me then!
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