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  1. My Rant

    I'm down with creator's block. Have been for... 1 or 2 months now. I've still got Project Universe to work on, but I'm unsure what's going to happen and what's not going to. And I can't share any info with anyone else, no. This is a top secret project. If someone was to steal this idea, i would never play LittleBIGPlanet again.

    So anyway, My hopes have been up after i published Sun Lander, which earned ME 2 hearts and the level 150 or so plays and around 50 hearts. It was featured ...
  2. The community sucks

    Alright, I raise ANARCHY to the Community, too many sackfolk are too busy making the crappiest levels in the world, pure @%$%
    Here's my deal, there are a bunch of awesome levels out there with some of the greatest creators in mind, examples: JustinArt, Queen Cherry & Gang, and DOTR, and Beatdough, along with several others, (I can't remember all of the names)
    I mean, come on, what the crap is this "My House Level" "Hide and Go Seek" "SlapFest" "No ...
  3. Gamer Expo

    Wer war da, und wer hat den Anstecker cod bekommen.

    Wie kan ein SAARLENDER auf die GEMER EXPO nach LONDON kommen, gibts dar einen der mich Negstes jahr mit nemen könde.

    Ps. MOVE ist so cool ich kann nicht aufhören an Move zu denken

    SENNE hat zu zeit eine KREATIVE BLOCKARTE und suche hilfe um sie wegzukiken !!!!
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  4. Epic ALICE Progress!

    Casting has moved forward a lot on Alice (see here), and a surprising, generous turn-out with A-list voices. However, I need some female voice actors.

    Sadly, I had to start over on my trailer, because SOMEONE *cough cough* Morland23 *cough* placed DLC in my level that I didn't own.

    You will be amazed when Lewis Carroll's ALICE releases this holiday season.
  5. Help With Clan Leadership

    Hello peope of LBP. If you know me well enough, you know I'm the leader of The Deadpool Corps clan on LBP (the REAL Clan, not the fan clan that stole our name (see previous blog about it)). If not, I'm the leader of said clan. So, I've been very busy... VEEEEERY BUSY. I got school, but more importantly, I got Gears of War 3 to attend to. I got other games too... but yeah, I have like, 5 ideas in my head for LBP, and I can only do so much. I need to focus on one thing, and with the clan as well, ...
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