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  1. Artistic Endevours

    I've never considered myself an overly artistic person. I used to doodle in school, and I did enjoy it, but I never thought I would pursue it in the future.

    A lot has changed since then, and now I seem to gravitate to anything and everything involving creativity, especially that involving art in any of its forms, being 2D art, 3D art, music or what have you.

    I am the jack of all trades--and the master of none.

    I started doing 3D sculpting and animation
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  2. Update to the level HUB! Coming soon...

    Well, the Level HUB will be getting an update! I can't really say much right now but I can say this...

    -More levels will be added!
    -Two "Brian's Picks of the Week!"
    -Hidden prize bubbles!
    -And a whole new theme!

    I can't say any thing much about the theme, but let's just say the new theme will will be very "Shagedelic Baby!" I hope you enjoy the new update which should be released in the next week or so! Stay tuned! "Yeah ...
  3. Hot dogs

    I like them normal hot dogs, though I would like to try some new ones, what is your favorite dog?
  4. Class Chronicles Update 1

    Hey guys, so I finally got a great idea for my next big project. I got a good amount of ideas, but this one seems simple(ish) enough. It'll be a sort of 1-4 player beat-em-up game, but with RPG elements. I don't know what kind of game that would be called, but here's the basic stuff I got. There will be 4 starting classes: Thief, Warrior, Archer, and Apprentice. Now, they all have different stats and stuff that makes them different, and it'll be pretty cool, because each has two different "trees" ...
  5. me

    i am all alone with 5 pending friend requests and two friends right now... but one of them is boss mob!
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