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  1. Dev Theory 1: What makes an RPG and why doesn't Littlebigplanet have more of them?

    Its taken me a long time to define RPG. What the heck is it? I mean we hear it all the time in new projects, released projects and dozens of levels with the abbreviation of role playing game everywhere and I cant help but feel, we as a gaming community have forgotten the definition of RPG. Take a moment and ask yourself, "what ...

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  2. Mopin' And Dopin' Around...

    Sorta ironic that I said I'd be around a lot more often, yet here I am skirting around once again. I will say that's in part to the shame I always get when I don't complete something on time or when things don't work out like I thought they would (i.e., the latest Haunt; I won't take a year to finish this one, though... hopefully). Sorta like that shame walk from Game of Thrones, you know?

    Truth be told, I'm also getting a bit nostalgic. I remember years ago, heck even last year or ...
  3. I still play LBP Vita, who else?

    Hey hey!
    I'm back again with another blog entry.

    This time I want to ask, who is still playing LBP Vita?
    I guess not many, but I think it's OK. This is, what happens with games. They first get really much attention. Than it sinks. And after a really long time there are only a few people. Everytime when I look, I can see, that there are 200 players in LBPVita online. It's... OK. But I'm a little bit confused. 200 players and I don't get any plays anymore?!
    I ...
  4. I'm back

    Hey, I'm back.
    It's been a loong time.
    ****ed, it's been more than a half year. I'm old.
    OK, I'm 16 now. However, I'm signed in at 3 LBP forums now. Here, LBP Hub and Littlebigforum.
    However, I don't know when I'm posting something again.
    I'm busy with some new LBPVITA levels and some other stuff.

  5. The Six Important Things I Learned While LBPC Was Down

    Yup its still being made. Teasing the Chrono Chrysalis PS4 reveal. Follow me on twitter for more on the project @Xyphasl

    Like many of you, I have gotten MUCH older since I first joined this website and while I still dont consider myself a LBP elite, I have learned a few things in my time here. To celebrate the return of the largest LBP fansite ever, I thought I would recap my most recent ...

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