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  1. mdkd99: My sixth blog


    I was busy with my plans for Battle with zombies.And after this three days this happend:

    - The new wave system is finished...For the first time it's enough.But it's just my opinion.Three waves of zombies:Weak,medium and strong.I changed their life points.

    - The new map is almost finished.The map design is still in progress,but it's almost finished (It takes so long,because I want to create nice graphics and a realistic design).

    - I was

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    Level Ideas
  2. The Sonicthefellow7 Blog#1- Hello... AGAIN...

    Hello, fellow gamers.

    Its me, Sonicthefellow7. Its been a while since Ive last been here... June 7th, 2014 to be exact. Its been 83 days since Ive last been on LBPC. Almost 3 months!

    During my time of exile, Ive learned a lot of things. For example, how wrong I was about the Illuminati and Martial law stuff... That stuff is a bunch of baloney that I dont believe in anymore. Which is why I deleted all my 70 something past blog entries.

    Im here to start ...
    Level Sharing
  3. Projet LBP3

    Hello to all!

    Today I had intended's idea project (certainly for LBP3)
    I cross a lot of time on a RPG to call "Dragon's Dogma " and I said myself! Why not to make an adventure which touches this universe with our small Sackboy? I still has no idea of the history to be invented but I have full of idea in head! Wait for it I already have [REC] Project to end. ...
  4. mdkd99: My fifth blog entry

    Hey guys,I'm back again after a long time.I've got some cool news for Battle with zombies.

    -I received some textures for my levels and I have to say,they are awesome!

    -Finally I continued editing my levels of Battle with zombies.Dead Zone is in work (I promissed you guys the perks so they are going to exist soon)

    -I wanted to add some functions to my level.The level up system was to weak,right?I will add 10 more levels.But that's not all,I will also add the
    Level Ideas
  5. Here's another one!

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