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  1. About Battle with Zombies

    Battle with Zombies.

    A level series in LBP2 and LBP Vita. It's like 3 years old. On the Vita it's a little bit more than 2 years. At the christmas day (24.12) 2015 I have published the newstest level.
    Ha, can you remember? I always talked about new guns and perks in my levels. I said 'I will add the features soon.' But I never did.

    At my newstest level, Battle with Zombies - Sandstorm ( I added the features. Why? Because I wanted to ...
  2. Realtalk about me

    I want to talk about earlier. What I did, was ugly.
    I made two profiles. One real profile and one fake. It still exists here.

    I have a big brother, but he didn't play LBP since 2012. So I wanted a big brother, who plays LBP. So I used my own profile (mdkdisback) on PSN and used it as 'the big brother'. In public I wanted to have a big brother with the same hobbys and something, so I wrote with a fake account and my real account.

    Maybe the admins ...
  3. My LBP journey so far

    Blog II


    I had few random levels and projects before my PS3 system got broken and I lost all save files. So when I got a new one, I just started to create Music Galleries.

    My first one was Castlevania Music Gallery, which took a lot of time to make in LBP2 because I'm lazy.

    Then I started to create FINAL FANTASY VII: CRISIS CORE Music Gallery, ...
  4. heart felt encouragement for anyone who happens to need it.

    please... consider this:
    The crappy stuff is always the loudest, and most visible. Jealousy, greed, effed-up behavior in-general. It blares in our ears, eyes, and minds. and, if you let it, it can echo from mouth to ear, to heart, and over again until it seems like that's all there is.
    But there's more. It's quiet, and It never gets shown on the news, and doesn't come up when people ...
  5. random blog because i havn't done one yet so yeah this title is really long.

    HTML Code:
    font face="calibri" font size="3"
    wait is HTML codes even on OK whatever
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