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  1. Mdkd99: My eighth blog

    Hello dear LBPC user,
    I have some news about Battle with zombies:

    - After 'UNDEAD NIGHTMARE' was published,the three BETA levels are finished.Now I will begin to make a new Battle with zombies level.

    - Now I will add new guns,new explosives,new kind of zombies,bigger maps,locked map setions,which you can unlock with points and I will make a new level,which is going to be the menu of all...

    - Maybe I will delete the BWZ INFORMATION BOARD...

  2. The Five Creators I Want to Work with in LBP3

    Numba 5.


    Ayneh is a rare breed. I havent spoke with him as much, but he actually made some contributions to my RPG that he may have forgotten about. We also were a part of the FF VII project that sadly got disbanded a couple years ago. With my logic, and Ayneh's skill with artwork, it wouldnt take a long time to make an RPG that is all from sprites or maybe even material ...

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  3. The Sonicthefellow7 Blog#2- MM related news and LBP2 Projects

    Hello, guys. Welcome to my 2nd blog entry!

    Today I will be talking about MediaMolecule related stuff and my recent projects on LBP2.

    First off, I have a lot to talk about in MM news. Recently, it has been confirmed that Little Big Planet 3 will be released on both PS4 AND PS3! Which makes me happy, because I can still get it!

    Not only is the game capturing my attention with 16 glorious layers to work with instead of 3(thats almost 5 times as many layers ...
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  4. The upcoming spark.

    Well, with time you only become a more creative and imaginative creator. This does take practice, but I'm getting way off topic here. A friend and I will be creating a new and hopefully revolutionary level for lbp2 in the next few weeks, or shorter. We are doing this to get prepared for the immense details of LBP3. We hope that we can prove to everyone in the little big community that we have what it takes to help start a revolution of great proportions. We'll have more info about this level in ...
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  5. Late night blog post.

    Just about to catch some Zzz, but before I do, I wanted to know if anybody wanted bacon.
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