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  1. My first Littlebigplanet 3 level

    my first littlebigplanet 3 level has been published it is called the metal cave if you want to play it add it to your que by visiting my profile here it is bye and thankyou all for reading
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  2. Does anyone want to do the level race to the stars in littlebigplanet 3?

    I am well aware that playing 4 players online is very laggy but I am missing some items from the level race to the stars mainly because its 4 players only if anybody wants to do this level with me my psn name is thecaz72 also im on the ps3 version and my time is in England I think its gm +00 or something anyway bye and thanks for reading
  3. mdkd99 - My twentieth blog


    Hey guys,I have some news!

    - I was designing the level Snow base.Now it looks better.

    - Controls: (X)-Walking faster, (L)-Using knife

    - HUD:New pictures for all guns

    - New design at the bullets and a new reloading.

    I was taking a picture:


    THX For Reading!
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  4. Project: Jukebox Update 5

    Today I was about to add some music into my jukebox from another creator that I enjoy, NK827 (Hallowed Waltz ). I selected 5 more sequenced songs that I liked, and that would be the final 5 of the 25 song playlist.


    Each one of them were unplayable due to me not having Move Pack instruments. I am really staring to look forward to the next update for PS4 which will hopefully solve many issues.

    This weekend I believe I crossed a major hurdle in ...
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  5. Project: Jukebox Update 4

    So one thing that I am waiting for is a patch for LBP3 on PS4 so that all the music from LBP2 shows up in my Tools Bag. I know they are working on fixing the bugs such as this and that I will have to wait. There are a few songs from LBP2 and a few missing, such as Ghosts by Ladytron.

    However, I did figure out a work around for the missing songs. I loaded up LBP2 on the PS3 and made a level that had prize bubbles for 5 of the songs that were missing on the PS4. I saved it to my Earth, ...

    Updated 11-27-2014 at 09:16 PM by Starstealer80 (Added video link)

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