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  1. The Importance of the Cool Pages in LBP3

    When I returned from a hiatus back in November of 2013, I was greeted by a shocking change: The Cool Pages had been moved from the main Community page to some desolate corner in the Imagisphere. Not to my surprise, the amount of plays on the levels that were in the Cool Pages had drastically decreased. I was left wondering why the current LBP2 developers had made such an odd change, and I still to this day think it was a terrible one.

    The only logical reason I could conjure that would ...

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  2. A Tool I Would Love to See in LBP

    One tool I would love to see, though not exactly an essential one, is a "Track Follower". It works like a follower, where you can set speed and range, but instead of following tags or players, it follows track-lines. Sort of like how you cut objects out of materials, using the Track Tool you place points down that automatically drop in a dotted line between them. This makes a "Track". You then place a Track Follower on an object, and it will follow the track. You can set if you ...
  3. No Chrono Chrysalis on PS4

    Its been a while since I have written the blog and it will be really short this time guys. I did take a break since there was a bug that ruined cutscenes. But now I am hard at work finishing CC on the PS3. The game was built with the limitations of PS3, so its kind of a technical marvel as well as a testament to the capability of LBP2.

    IF people like it, I may continue the series on LBP3, but not before I get another idea off my head.

    I am writing the story for a new ...
  4. My review on Oliver and Company

    As I told you in the last two entries, I did say that I'm going to write some Disney reviews on five of the animated features I've seen this year. A lot of you may have already known about Tangled, Wreck-it-Ralph, and Frozen, but those are more recent. This movie is one of the older films in the animation canon of Disney. In fact, I believe I remembered seeing this when I was 3 or 4.

    Oliver and Company is actually one of the many films in the animation canon that not very many people ...

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  5. Blog entry regarding LBP3 on PS3 and possible data transfer from PS3 to PS4 and back

    Alrighty, as some of you may know, LBP3 has been announced to come out on PS3 AND PS4, with confirmation via StevenI on Twitter:

    However, seeing as there is a PS3 version coming out, many questions popped up in my head, a few of which leading me to creating theories on what the answers may be. Here are those few questions:

    1. Will we be able to transfer our Pins from LBP2 (PS3) to LBP3 (PS3), and use them on ...
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