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  1. Project: Jukebox update 3

    After walking my dogs and making dinner, I am lucky to have a few free hours most evenings to continue on with my first project.

    Last night I went back to figure out what I did wrong that caused multiple songs to be active at once. The way my jukebox is set up, I have countdown timers for each song, and each timer is set to the length of the song it is paired with. Once the timer ends, the program knows to switch to the next random song.

    In my original set up, I had ...

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  2. Project: Jukebox Update 2

    Last night I had a few hours free to work on my Jukebox. It is getting cold outside, and snow seems like it has been falling non stop for weeks, and these days I have been enjoying cuddling up to my dogs (along with a beer or a glass of wine) and working on programming/logic.

    I suppose the worst part of this project is that I started off with 5 songs that constantly play at random. As a result, I have been having a major case of earworms (that's when a song gets stuck in your head ...
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  3. LBP 3 - First Thoughts and First Project (Jukebox)

    It has been a week since I have had LBP3 in my hands. The games has a few bugs to be worked out, but nothing major that makes me angry. All Day 1 releases tend to have bugs and glitches, but at least these days there are patches to download. Back in my youth, I recall broken games being released and never fixed. At least we have patches!

    My only minor set back is that, having upgraded to PS4, I lost access to some of my creations until I clear out some DLC levels again.
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  4. Parlors of Peril: New Tech Revives Old Ideas.

    I did a lot of thinking, before I left the last time, about what LBP is for, and what I could contribute to it.

    I came to the conclusion that there were a lot of gameplay types that I enjoyed, but that for the most part my strengths didn't match up with LBP's core gameplay types.

    1. I love narrative and story, but LBP1 and LBP2's text/voice/movie options were limited to the sort of stuff that most players skip.

    2. I don't really give a rip about graphics. ...

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  5. The Return: Day 2 of LBP 3

    I'm back in the game, and soon to be hopefully back in the game.

    Let's get to work.
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