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  1. mdkd99 - My eleventh blog


    Hey guys,I've got some news about BWZ.Here's a list of guns:

    - M1911
    - Shotgun pistol
    - UZI
    - Micro SMG

    And here's a list of perks:

    - Faster walking
    - Faster reloading
    - More grenades
    - Hardness

    And I'll change something on the controls:

    You will now use the knife with the L button.You will now walk faster with X...

    - Another thing:My real life is a little bit ...
    Creation Ideas
  2. I got a fancy new 3Doodler pen!

    Welp! After a trip to the World Maker Faire on Saturday, I picked myself up a 3Doodler, so that way I can draw my creations into the real world!

    What is the 3Doodler you ask?

    The 3Doodler is the world's first pen that can draw real world objects using melted plastic!

    When I first used the 3Doodler, I accidentally burnt a tiny bit of my skin because I wasn't paying attention and touched the, "VERY HOT!!" as the box says, tip on the pen where ...
  3. I Built a Computer

    For a while, I had been without a fully functioning personal computer. It wasn’t all that terrible, except it totally was. But the important thing now is that I can speak of it in the past tense. That is because I kept busy the other day. You see, I built a computer!

    If I made this a video instead of blocks of text, this would be where the introduction cinematics would
  4. mdkd99: My tenth blog


    - Hey guys,I've got news of Battle with Zombies.There is a official map I 'll make for the BWZ level series.After 'Snow base' I will publish a level with the name 'Town'.I was just beginning with the level design.

    - I will increase the engine with something.The sounds will be like this:
    You are on the street,on a free place or something and if you shoot,it makes a echo.But if you shoot in a room,it's like you are in a room...

    - And this ...
    Level Ideas
  5. LBP Ideas and Projects Monthlyish Update

    So CYE 0 is done at last. It turned into more of a project than I'd originally planned, and also did not get created as I'd initially desired either! In a way it's better than I could have hoped, but also not what I wanted. My initial idea was for it to be more of a hangout that let you freely roam around. The "Map" of the place originally had the Specimen Containment in the basement, and each ...
    Development Blog
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